Sunday, April 7, 2013

Cab Driver from Hell

Taxi driver suspended for putting lives in 'grave danger"

Sydney cabbie Nicholas Charles Brown, 55, has had a string of complaints about him, including overcharging, short-changing, smoking, failing to assist a pregnant woman, being rude, aggressive, not knowing the way from the city to the airport and ''consuming alcohol and driving recklessly whilst conveying passengers''.

The Administrative Decisions Tribunal has suspended Mr Brown's taxi driver's licence after his actions were found to have placed his passengers and the public ''in grave danger''.

One of the 17 complaints occurred last October, when two young women in Potts Point hailed Mr Brown's cab at 10pm.

''After we had been in the taxi for a couple of minutes, the driver put on sunglasses, turned the music up and began to sing loudly. His driving was erratic and I noticed that he would frequently swig out of a can that appeared to have an alcohol .....

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