Saturday, April 6, 2013

Credit Card Surcharge on Taxi Fares in Florida


It became legal for cab drivers in Florida and other 40 States to charge customers up to %4 extra of the meter if they decide to pay with credit card.
Great news for cab drivers and not so good for riders, but then again, some passengers pretend that they don't know how to use credit card applications and conveniently skip tipping procedures without asking a cab driver how to do it.
Sure guys, Tipping is a city in China, your grandpa was Kunta and I owe you until I die, even though we look alike and your skin is whiter.
.....Just because I came off the boat 25 years ago and I have an accent??!!
I tip anybody and everybody who provides me with any kind of services in this country.
If I can not afford to tip, I either don't use their services or at least try to behave like human being and be thankful for helping me.
Next time you get your drunk ass in the cab to take you home, be thankful too and tip the driver, even if you pay with credit card, or even more so........

ABC News


  1. There is simple solution to your problem, inform your clients when they get in your cab, that there is credit card surcharge or processing fee of $ 1.00 or $ 1.50 per transaction.
    Also, don't be shy, if the taxi meter says $ 9.80, ask them frankly how much they want put on their credit card for the ride,- usually they will feel embarrassed by this question and say, "make a total $ 12", if they still play stupid , you just simply inform them that their credit card will be charged for a fare $9.80 + processing fee of $1.00 for total 10.80

  2. Strange thing had happened to me last night, -I was taking a cab from Downtown St Petersburg to Madeira Beach and I tried to pay with my credit card, but driver said, he doesn't accept CC and we had to stop at local bank, needless to say, while I was trying to get money out of ATM, the meter was still running.

  3. its funny that as i was reading this post on my PC, i looked at my phone and checked my facebook page, and walaaa, "" ad pops up at my face,. i guess this will fix a lot of cab drivers issue, no credit card processing fees, get your money in minutes,.. just my two cents