Thursday, January 16, 2014

24/7 DISCOUNT TAXI Cab SERVICE in St Petersburg, Florida


Or from your smart phone please click on banner below and Text 4 Taxi or
Text 4 taxi to phone number 727-490-9164

Discount Taxi is a division of AL's Taxi Inc. of St Petersburg, FL- We pride ourselves in being the best Taxi service in Saint Petersburg, if not in all of Tampa Bay...Our very low rates are a reflection of  the tough competition in the St Petersburg transportation market these days. This competitive environment is also part of what motivates us to provide our customer with high quality service and courteous, professional drivers. Our commitment to these practices is even more important to us now than ever before.

All of our Drivers have undergone extensive background checks with State authorities as well as with the FBI. These background investigations   include finger printing , screenings for felonies, DUI's, violent crimes, drug testing. Each of our drivers has also been determined by the local PD to be safe taxi drivers before issuing  them a Taxi Driver Hack License with a picture.
All our taximeters are approved by the State of Florida and our taxi rates have been acknowledged and approved by City of St. Petersburg.   

 We service these areas within Pinellas County:
St Petersburg, Downtown Saint Pete, Shore Acres, Gandy, Pinellas Park, Kenneth City, Gulfport, South Pasadena FL, Treasure Island, Tierra Verde, Madeira Beach, Bay Pines, Disston Heights, Seminole, Redington Shores, Indian Shores, Indian Rocks Beach, South Largo, Feather Sound
and zip codes in St. Petersburg, FL

 33703, 33707, 33708. 33710, 33712, 33705, 33711, 33713, 33716, 33701, 33702, 33714, 33704, 33705, 33706, 33709, 33781, 33782, 33777, 33772, 33776
Discount Taxi Metered Rates:
$0.30 For Each 36 Seconds Waiting Time or Slow Traffic = 0.50 Cents a Minute
2014 Discount Taxi Intercity Taxi flat rates, example fares and rates :

Saint Petersburg to Tampa Airport $30-$45
St Petersburg to South Tampa $30-$45
St Petersburg to Downtown Tampa $45-$60
St Petersburg to North Tampa  $55-$75
St Petersburg   to Sarasota  $85-$120
St Petersburg   to Orlando  $175-$210
                    to Naples, FL $275
                    to Miami Airport $495
                    to Ocala $225
                    to Jacksonville $435
                    to Tallahassee, FL $475
                    to Orlando Airport $195
                    to Ft Myers       $210
St Pete Beach to Tampa Airport   $45
St Pete Beach to Orlando Airport $185
St Pete Beach to Amtrak Tampa  $55
St Pete Beach to Busch Gardens, Tampa  $70
St Pete Beach to Port of Tampa  $60
Treasure Island to HardRock Casino in Tampa $65

* Please feel free to negotiate above prices and you might be able to save another 5 to 10%
off your final estimate, if we are not busy.

Three Large suitcases Packed in a trunk of "tiny" Toyota Prius Taxi are ready to be taken with 3 passengers to Tampa Airport

For your convenience at Discount Taxi. we gladly accept all major credit / debit cards.

When ordering a taxi, please let dispatcher know about your intention of paying with credit card, 
We don't charge any fees on credit card transactions, however we have minimum of $10.00 per trip.

We service listed below hotels in Downtown area of St Petersburg, FL 

Hollander Hotel - 421 4th Ave. N,  St Petersburg, FL 33701 
                                                Hollander Hotel

Hampton Inn & Suites / Downtown - 80 Beach Dr. NE, St Petersburg, FL 33701            
                                                  Hampton INN

Ponce De Leon Hotel - 95 Central Ave., St Petersburg, FL 33701    
                                            Ponce De Leon Hotel

    We also proudly serve :

    Derby Lane Poker Room and Greyhound Race Track since 1925
      • at 10490 Gandy Blvd N, St Petersburg, FL 33702

      picture by

      picture by 1950


        1. Riding in Toyota Prius Hybrid Taxi is a whole new experience,- some people describe it as being in a space ship.
          others say, its a such a smooth ride or I didn't release this little car is so spacious.
          Still, others say , the experience make them feel better,,,,,
          Whatever your reason might be to ride in this cab
          Call AL's Taxi at 727-490-5100 and request CAB #49 and I will be happy to pick you up and take you on smooth taxi ride

        2. on your banner it says that you will take me to Tampa airport for $25, from where..?

        3. you misunderstood wording on banner, " Taxi to Airport from $25 " doesn't say anything about taxi trip to Tampa Airport from St. Petersburg or anywhere in Pinellas County .
          Also, price says "from $25 " and not for $25, which could mean trip to St. Petersburg / Clearwater International Airport :: eg from Downtown of Saint Pete or Shore Acres,,,,,,
          ....You need to call dispatcher to confirm rates to airport......

          1. How much would cost taxi from Kenneth City to Tampa Airport?
            Do some cab comapmies offer discounted flat rates to airport?
            Can they pick me up from TPA and take me back home to Kenneth City?
            thank you

          2. Legally, cab companies from Pinellas County are not allowed to pick up at TPA Tampa Airport because TPA is located in Hillsborough County in which taxis from St Petersburg / Pinellas County don't have all the necessary credentials to operate.

          3. That is wrong and not true many taxi pinellas company's pick up at Tampa airport. Tpa is regulated and so are some of the bigger taxi company's. Call and ask a dispatcher.

          4. "That is wrong and not true many taxi pinellas company's pick up at Tampa airport. Tpa is regulated and so are some of the bigger taxi company's. Call and ask a dispatcher. "

            IMO, This is total nonsense and is not true, unless they also operate Limo service with Hillsborough County permits like Bats Taxi of St Pete Beach or Yellow cab of Pinellas County

        4. I am not sure if this is right place to ask questions, but here I am wondering around your area on internet and I found your taxi blog.
          I plan to visit Indian Rocks Beach in couple of months and I am kind of worry about my safety and well being,
          After my previous vacations and bad experiences with taxi drivers in different countries, I try to stay vigilant and be prepared for worse.
          Here is a question:
          when using taxi services in tampa bay, should I be on look out for any local taxi scams?
          thank you
          greetings from Switzerland

          1. Just be on look out for cab drivers recommending places where to dine or where to party.- often, they getting kickbacks from those places for bringing new customers.
            Needless to say, your best interest could be far from being on their minds......

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        6. I just called your office and your dispatcher sounded kind of confused when I asked her "how much would cost taxi from Magnuson Hotel in St petersburg to TPA airport ?", but after about 15 seconds of consternation, she replied " we have $45 flat rate to Tampa Airport, tip included"
          Is that right?
          I didn't want to ask her any other question, because I sensed, that she felt unease (may be) to talk to someone with foreign accent.

          1. Flat rate to airport doesn't include tip, not with any local cab companies in St Petersburg.

        7. you guys must get serious about your business or don't advertise that you are 24/7 taxi company.
          Last night I needed a cab around 4:30 am to take me from St Petersburg to Clearwater and there was no answer on the phone, is your dispatcher sleeping on the job or what?

        8. That is great that you provide all of the intercity rates. One of my fears in taking a taxi while on vacation is being unsure of travel rates. It takes someone who is very committed to run a 24/7 taxi company, many people love hitting the town at night.

        9. Florida Taxi Driver: Text 4 Taxi St Petersburg FL at Discount Taxi:St Petersburg Discount Taxi Company Hits Hi Tech Home Run

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          · With this new service, there are none of the pitfalls of traditional over-the-phone dispatching.

          · There are never any annoying, time wasting busy signals.

          · There is never any need to worry about miscommunication or misunderstood directions due to spotty cell phone reception and garbled voice messages........
          St Petersburg Discount Taxi

        10. Amazing cab company clean prompt friendly and best of all the most affordable taxi service in the area. ...they are the bes,t call and find out I highly recommend them 100%

          1. You lucky, you had good experience with Discount Taxi, me on other hand got screwed over.
            The driver (Ron I think) said that he is on his way to pick me up but in the end I was picked by other Discount driver, after I called back 50 minutes later.
            Is this a way to run taxi business in St Pete?

        11. What is cheapest taxi cab in St Pete to take me to Orlando airport?

          1. Discount taxi is pretty cheap, - a month ago, I took a cab with them from Treasure Island to Orlando airport and I paid only $185

          2. Express taxi by Supershuttle with their rate at $2.00 a mile is even cheaper than discount taxi,, but they don't offer flat rates and you have to pay whatever is on the meter, so,the trip from treasure Island to Orlando airport would cost you at least $225 in good traffic conditions