Thursday, July 11, 2013

Taxi Rates to Miami Airport, Information

How much is a cab fare to Miami Airport ?

Lets assume that passenger wants to get from point A somewhere in Miami Metropolitan Area to Miami Airport by taxicab.

The cost of cab ride might vary greatly depending on certain conditions like traffic, time of the day, weather, Taxi company providing him/her with service and their rates, experience of a Taxi Driver (if he knows what he is doing), if Taxi company taking passenger to airport offers flat rates, etc.

Below are examples of taxi fares to Miami Airport from certain points in Miami
Metropolitan area:

from Pembroke Pines $50 - $68
from Cooper City $55 - $72
from Fort Lauderdale Airport $55 - $68
from Hallandale Beach $45 - $60
from Hollywood $48 - $60
from Port of Miami $24 - $35
from Pompano Beach $88 - $106

Examples of Taxi rates to Miami airport (MIA) from some cities in South Florida

from St Petersburg, FL  $495
from Tampa      $545
from Clearwater       $535
from Sarasota   $450
from Spring Hill  $595
from Palm Harbor $545
from Cape Coral   $325
from Port Charlotte $375
from Ft Myers  $335


  1. Miami airport?
    you don't want to take a taxi or any taxi,- you need to haggle on a trip to Naples, Tampa or Saint Pete, it pays

  2. How much would cost taxi from Pinellas Park to Miami airport? The estimates I get trough taxi fare calculators seem to me pretty steep. Do you think if anybody would be willing to take me there for about $500 and week later pick me up at Miami airport and bring me back to Pinellas Park for another $500?

  3. yes that all of above blogs its good to mentioned all rates I am agree from your rates. We all also providing Metro Airport Taxi Service

  4. i think rates are affordable as i belong to Metro Airport Taxi i know what rates are actually going on now a days

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