Saturday, December 14, 2013

Taxi Driver talks about......

There are a lot of things that Reddit is good for, but our favorite feature continues to be the regular Ask Me Anything's the site hosts. How else would we learn about the inner lives of subway conductors, McDonald's employees, EMTs, and astrophysicists? Exactly. And today Reddit's got another good 'un: an AMA with a 26-year-old taxi driver. And yes, your driver knows you are having sex back there—that's why he keeps hitting potholes.
The driver (who says he was "raised in the USA" but also spells favorite with a u and mentions going to "four year university") doesn't own a medallion, mostly works the night shift and is chock full of interesting anecdotes. Here are some that stood out to us:
Has he seen sexy times in his cab? "Yes many times. Sometimes they even ask. To which I usually just really?........

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  1. For sure, all the cab drivers are alike and all the morons out there will be trying to have sex in a taxi cab afyer reading this article