Saturday, May 17, 2014

ObamaCare for Taxi Drivers

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"Flagging Down Taxi Drivers To Sign Up For Obamacare

Dan Ware has been driving a taxicab in Chicago for more than a decade, but he still  doesn't have what many jobs offer: health insurance.

"I'm without health coverage," he says.

And that's not unusual, says Chicago Public Health Commissioner Bechara Choucair. "What we know in Chicago is that around 70 percent of taxi drivers are uninsured," Choucair says.

That means about 8,000 cabbies could be eligible for coverage under the Affordable Care 
Act. Nationwide, there are more than 200,000 taxicab drivers, and so in a few big cities 
— including Chicago — supporters of the Affordable Care Act are working to recruit them 
to sign up before this month's open enrollment deadline.

Choucair says a couple of years ago, a study showed taxi drivers in Chicago had plenty of health problems, largely due to the long hours they spend behind the wheel.

"They don't eat as healthy, they don't exercise as much and those are definitely risk factors for diabetes, for heart disease, for strokes," Choucair says.

Add to that chronic back issues that can come from sitting and health problems caused 
by traffic accidents.

Kevin Counihan, CEO of Connecticut's health insurance exchange, hopes to be able to market
 their expertise............. "


  1. My previous insurance company dumped me last year because I developed "preexisting condition" , so I signed up for Obamacare for $80 a month and I was all happy until I called my old doctor to do some check ups, just to find out, that he doesn't take Humana HMOX.....
    .....I thought, " f%^$# you doc" I will go somewhere else....
    .........until I found out that all the doctors in the area are very hesitant to take my insurance, even if they are listed as "Huamana HMOX providers"
    wonder why?

    1. be patient, when more people sign up with OBAMACRE, all those "hesitant" doctors will have no choice, but to start accept Obamacare too, because there will be not enough private insurance patients to rip them off and to support doctor's sorry asses

    2. Obamacare and Humana HMOX, really sucks,- you need to have f%$#%& law degree or be an expert in web designing to figure out how to pay F%$#*&% bill.
      Why don't they create single payer health care system like in Canada or other civilized countries and let people live like human beings?
      Hey, Last thing I need to do after 80 hour week is to try to figure out for 2 hours, how to pay my stinking Humana bill

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  3. It feels good knowing how taxi drivers can benefit from this Obamacare law!

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