Monday, August 11, 2014

Minimum Wage, mentality of Corporate America and Republicans

Don't think about Sarah Palin as an uneducated  idiot,- she is a poster child for GOP and Corporate America, with her head deep in her asshole like all the GOP.
She still thinks, that all the employees at Walmart and McDonald's are either kids or system freeloaders by their own  choice .


  1. Sarah Palin,-she is a one dumb fucking bitch. - I don't even know if I should laugh or cry when I listen to her.

  2. I think, they should send her to one of those gulags in Siberia as a "chicken head" toy for local wise guys

  3. Minimum wage: faulty logic of conservatives

    ".......Liberals say that higher minimum wage can be paid from “exorbitant profits” and reduction of executive compensation. The return on capital for McDonald's and Wal-Mart is a paltry 6 percent and 5.5 percent, respectively. Confiscation of all key executive compensation and redistributing it to half of all employees would result in a 1-cent per hour raise at McDonald's and a 3-cent per hour raise at Wal-Mart........."


    1. According to all the conservative arguments about minimum wage in US, the businesses in Australia should die out like rabbits struck by infectious disease, yet, they prosper ......... wonder why?

      ".............Australia's 1.5 million lowest-paid workers will be awarded an $18.70 a week wage rise as the Fair Work Commission tries to reduce inequality in earnings.
      The 3 per cent pay rise, lifting the minimum wage to $640.90 a week, or $16.87 an hour, will affect people on the minimum wage and award-rate workers, including Australia's lowest-paid cleaners, retail and hospitality staff, childcare workers, farm labourers and factory workers.
      Trade unions and employer groups are outraged — the ACTU, which had pushed for a $27 a week boost, has warned the increase would actually plunge low-paid workers deeper into poverty and would not be sufficient to cushion the blow of federal budget fee hikes for healthcare, education and petrol......"

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