Saturday, October 11, 2014

UberX expanding its operation to Toronto Canada on pile of BS and Lies

Well it looks like Uber is continuing their expansion  policy, this time riding their magic carpet of lies and deceit into the beautiful Canadian city of Toronto, Ontario. Toronto is the largest city in Canada, and is also the provincial capital of Ontario. Now it is the arena where an oft repeated scam is about to unfold.

Using the all too familiar practice of paving their way into a new city with an onslaught of bogus claims and false advertising, Uber hopes to exploit the good people and local government of Toronto as it has across the United States and much of Canada. Grossly exaggerated claims of income, and outright lies regarding safety concerns and insurance policies are being proffered in Toronto as a matter of policy.  Uber has been using this method of moving into cities for several years now and they have refined the process into a highly effective one; They lur in hundreds of drivers with their unsubstantiated claims of outrageous earnings and low hours, while at the same time placating the local government with empty promises about safety and insurance concerns. It is a strategy that has served them well, and the billion dollar industry that has sprung up in their wake is motivating other illegal and unsafe copycat organazations. Lyft and Sidecar are two such outfits, and they invariably follow Uber when Uber infects a new city much like jackals follow lions to share in their kill. It is only a matter of time before honest, hard working drivers in the Toronto area start to come forward with stories of how Ubers dishonest and illegal practices have left the without a car, a job, or even a place to live. Uber drivers who are involved in accidents often lose their car, go deeply into debt after being sued, and are unable to find work as a result of their damaged driving record. Uber tells prospective drivers that they will be fully insured and that their lives and their personal safety are priorities at Uber, only to find that these are absolute falsehoods and that Ubers only true priority is the almighty dollar. Ubers rise from obscurity to fabulous wealth has been paid for by the pain and misery of the very employees that made that success possible. By the time the Toronto authorities catch on to Ubers treachery and finally put a stop to it, many hundreds of people will have had their lives irreversibly ruined as a result of choosing to drive for these scoundrels.

Uber drivers are not the only group to suffer as a result of Ubers abhorable practices; due to weak, and often non-existance criminal  background checks, the general population will be at risk as they get into cars being driven by drug dealers, thieves, even murderers and rapists. Innocent consumers, who’s only crime has been to use a new and purportedly safe alternative to traditional transportation options have suffered pain, financial harm, and even death due to Ubers lack of social responsibility and professional ethics. While they are claiming in their current publicity blitz to conduct background screening that exceeds industry standards as well as Toronto licensing requirements, the fact is Uber will hire virtually anyone with a drivers license and a car that runs.

If you are a professional driver in Toronto and you are being tempted by all of the smoke and mirrors of the current Uber recruiting drive, please do yourself a favor and look for employment instead at legitimate taxi and limo companies. These companies are regulated by the local Toronto municipal and civic codes, and are much more reliable and conscientious than Uber. They provide their drivers with safe, insured, company owned taxis and they insure both the car and the driver at all times. Of course, if you are a criminal, or have a poor driving record and a history of safety violations, you may want to consider working for Uber or one of the other ride-share outfits  because you will not be able to pass the criminal background check nor meet the high standards that the legal, conventional transportation companies adhere to.  Uber is setting up shop in Toronto, and if past experience is any teacher, there are going to be a lot of disappointed drivers and eventually a lot of outraged citizens and lawmakers that will soon see that Uber is not playing fair. The world is becoming increasingly aware that these ride-share scams are just that, scams, and are not living up to their promises, and are once again lying and cheating their way to financial success. Don’t be fooled, don’t become a pawn in this tragic game of bait and switch. Whether you are a driver or a customer, the hidden risk that lies behind the whole ride sharing concept is simply too big of an issue to ignore just to save a little bit of time or money;in the long run, you may lose in a big way


  1. POSTED BY RACHEL who? a crackhead who is cruising streets at 3 am

  2. It has been already proven that Uber's criminal background check is worth less than toilet paper

    read some more at

    "As for Ubers claim regarding extremely thorough criminal background checks, it seems that Uber is not being totally honest with their claims in this area either. They are clearly not more exhaustive than those required for legitimate taxi companies, and there is some question as to whether Uber performs any criminal background checks at all. NBC reports that they found drivers with criminal histories not only in San Francisco, but also in LA and Chicago. These drivers, some of whom were still on probation, had past convictions that include burglary, assault, and drug trafficking charges. NBC even went as far as to have undercover felons apply for employment, and Uber hired them without question."

  3. "Uber provides local Police check............ ?"
    SO why local cops are harassing UberX drivers everywhere they try to work for violating city ordinances? or operation without commercial insurance

  4. Sexual offences background check?
    UBER WOULD HIRE TED BUNDY , if he was alive and apply to drive for UberX

  5. UberX insurance coverage is as worthless as piece of toilet paper

    get educated at

    or watch video about UberX driver's real life experience


  6. Safety Worries Make Uber, Lyft Fair Game for Taxi Watchdogs

    The Oregon Insurance division cautions drivers that personal insurance policies will not provide you with coverage if you drive for companies like Uber and Lyft "because you would be collecting a fee for driving another person." Riders, meanwhile, were told that "neither your personal auto policy nor the personal auto policy of the driver will protect you when you are riding in another vehicle for a fee."
    Meanwhile, late last month, the district attorneys for both San Francisco and Los Angeles issued a statement warning Uber, Lyft and Sidecar that they misled customers by claiming their background checks of drivers screen out anyone who has committed driving violations, including DUIs, as well as sexual assault and other criminal offenses.

    San Francisco District Attorney George Gascon in June charged and Uber driver with striking a passenger, even though that driver had passed the company’s background check despite court records indicating he had previously been convicted of felony drug dealing and misdemeanor battery.


    Safety Worries Make Uber, Lyft Fair Game for Taxi Watchdogs

    1. that's what happens when greedy corporations employ labor, which can not be protected by labor laws, the workers will always get screwed in name of "lowering customer prices, better service, higher wages, bluer skies, higher qualities of bs", you name it , but never in name of Wall Street investors profits .....this wouldn't sell to masses, who are targeted buyers and work for minimum wage

  7. no doubt UBER get well place in transportation business exactly their setup and management is working in good direction most important thing they are working in multiple countries and other one important thing they giving option to local taxi service companies and individual to be partner with UBER Metro Taxi

  8. I still don't get it, why Uber don't want to comply with local regulations? and operate legally .............?

    1. what do you expect? Uber is a greedy private corporation, which tries to cut corners in every possible way to earn MORE MONEY for their investors..............

  9. please watch this video about Uber and uber reality

  10. "Uber to face heavy scrutiny from region if service goes ahead
    The ride share app Uber has said it is interested in starting up operations in Waterloo Region. However, Angelo Apfelbaum, the region's manager of licencing and enforcement services, says the service would need to pass the same kind of regulations as conv.........."

    >>>Listen on the radio about Uberx in Ontario

  11. "Vancouver Taxi Companies File Lawsuit To Block Uber

    VANCOUVER - Vancouver's taxi industry is firing a pre-emptive strike against ride-sharing service Uber, alleging in a lawsuit that the U.S.-based company is preparing to launch with unlicensed drivers in an attempt to illegally undercut traditional cabs.

    The lawsuit, filed Tuesday by the city's four taxi companies, seeks an injunction to prevent Uber from starting up in Vancouver.

    Uber has launched its UberX service in several Canadian cities in recent months, DESPITE PROTESTS FROM LOCAL GOVERNMENTS AND REGULATORS. While it does not currently operate in Vancouver, job postings for managers and drivers have fuelled speculation the city could be next......."

    Read more at:

    Vancouver Taxi Companies File Lawsuit To Block Uber

  12. .......and I thought Canada had free press until I stumbled upon

    then I realized , that is Uber paid spin doctor, same like Washington Post, Tampa Bay Times and many other publications spreading misinformation and hype about Uber

  13. Hi there. Do you have any proof of this claim you make? "Uber tells prospective drivers that they will be fully insured and that their lives and their personal safety are priorities at Uber, only to find that these are absolute falsehoods and that Ubers only true priority is the almighty dollar." I am very interested in investigating Uber's claims of having every Canadian driver covered to the tune of "$5 Million US" by an "A+ rated insurer," because I was unaware that insurance companies were willing to insure illegally operating companies in Canada, and I'd really like to know who their insurer is. Thanks.

    1. " I was unaware that insurance companies were willing to insure illegally operating companies in Canada, and I'd really like to know who their insurer is. Thanks. "
      That's the problem with uber, they lack of transparency, integrity and honesty
      .......and with money they have, they had created their own bogus insurance company.

      please watch this video

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