Thursday, November 20, 2014

The truth about UBER,- video

Four Myth’s That Uber is Spreading

Myth #1 – Uber is a Tech company

Uber is nothing more than a new way to dispatch taxi cabs. All of the “ride sharing” propaganda is just that;the fact is when you order a ride for an agreed upon price to a specific destination, you are acting as a taxi cab. Simply calling your taxi service a “ride sharing service” does not make it  a new and revolutionary product. As the classical wisdom says “ If it looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck” then it is most likely a duck. Uber’s claim to be a tech company providing a software service is just a very transparent attempt by the billion dollar company to avoid acting like a responsible business instead of a shifty, fly by night outfit. Uber is using this flimsy excuse to bilk local governments out of millions of dollars in revenue while lining their own pockets with Billions of dollars in ill-gotten profits. One day soon the hand of fate will deal the crushing blow to Uber, and I for one think it will be fitting and proper when it does finally happen! Uber has been making profit at the expense of honest, hard workibg people long enough and it is high time that it stops.

Myth#2- Uber and it’s drivers carry adequate insurance

Time and time again Uber drivers have been involved in accidents, including accidents that involve serious injuries and deaths, and Uber has consistently denied any responsibility or liability in these cases. Their claim of fully insured cars and drivers have been proven false time and time again as Uber drivers are involved in accidents and left to fend for themselves when it is time to appear in court. More than one Uber driver has had their lives ruined because of the company’s refusal to stand behind their drivers when the chips are down. A drivers personal insurance will not cover any injury or damage that occurs to the driver, his car, or the other party’s car or occupants because their personal policy specifically excludes any situations where the car is being used for commercial purposes. This has been the unanimous opinon of every sing insurance company involved in such a case, and has also been unanimously upheld by every court these cases have come before. Once again, it is the driver, and sometimes the other party’s in the accident, that end up paying the sometimes heavy price for Uber’s total disregard for decent and responsible corporate behavior. If you drive for, or ride in, an Uber car you are taking a very serious risk that could result in millions of dollars of debt as well as serious personal injury or even death. Do not be mislead by the outright falsification Uber presents regard the insurance issue, they have proven over and over again that they do not stand behind anyone and are only out to make a quick , and dishonest dollar.

Myth#3- Taxi laws do not apply to Uber ?

 – Despite Ubers claims of “not being in the transportation business” , and thus exempt to the rules and regulations governing the taxi industry, lawmakers across the country are realizing exactly what Uber is up to and are enacting laws to force Uber to play fairly.The fact is that Abe Lincoln was right when he said “ You can fool all of the people some of the time, or you can fool some of the people all of the time, but YOU CAN’T FOOL ALL OF THE PEOPLE ALL OF THER TIME. Uber has been playing their little game of legal cat and mouse for too long and in too many places and their house of cards is begging to rapidly fall. In the end of course it will be the drivers who suffer for Uber’s reprehensible tactics, just as it always has been their drivers who bear the brunt of the punishment for Uber’s transgressions. This abhorable, cheating organization will get what it deserves in the end, of that we can be certain.

Myth#4-  Uber drivers are thoroughly screened ?

- Murders, rapists, and undesirables of every description have been able to find employment with Uber. Apparently Uber’s “thorough screening” process is just like their “adequate insurance coverage”, a deliberate and brazen lie concocted to allow them to take unfair advantage of the legitimate, established taxi and limo companies by usurping the spirit, and the letter, of  local laws and regulations. Little, if any, screening of applicant is done, and certainly nothing even close to the rigorous and thorough legal screening required for taxi companies in virtually every municipality in America. If you are a shady character with a long criminal history, you need look no farther than Uber for your next job. Uber drivers have been accused, and convicted, of every crime you can think of, including sexual offenses, assault, and even murder. The shame of it is that it is Uber’s unsuspecting customers that ultimately pay the price for Uber’s disregard for their safety.


  1. This video should be send to all the politicians and decision makers in the cities, where Uber is operating or plans to operate

  2. "The Worst Job I Ever Had
    I began working for Uber in Tampa on May 1st 2014, after reading an ad promising great pay, company provided insurance and legal support in case of citations for violating Tampa city ordinances. It turns out that none of Ubers claims were true, and I ended up losing money and ruining my driving record in the process. I am now unemployable thanks to the 3 criminal charges I received in 4 months of driving for Uber. The first time I was pulled over, I was charged with a misdemeanor and found not guilty. I was assessed a $149 fine, which Uber paid when I contacted them. The second time I was ticketed it was for not having commercial insurance, and I have a court date pending in early November. I have contacted Uber regarding this court date and they have so far ignored my correspondence. On my third offense, I was handcuffed and taken to jail and my car was impounded as well. After paying $1000 bond to get out of jail, and over $500 to get my vehicle out of the impound yard, Uber has notified me that I no longer qualify to drive for them.
    Due to the charges against me, no other companies will hire me either. I have a wife and kids to support and now I am unable to find work in my chosen profession. Even Uber themselves will not hire me now! "

    read more at :

    >>>Uber and Lyft drivers are being charged with misdemeanorl

    1. I ave a friend who had experienced almost the same case with Uber. Thank goodness, he finally found a decent job now. I hope the world will be gracious to you soon :)

  3. Wow, I didn't know you could get charged criminally for driving people around. Sounds like a recipe for lawsuits for Uber.

  4. I think that it would be fun to be a taxi driver. I love to drive around, and it would be cool to be paid to do it. I wonder if I have to have special training to be a taxi driver. I will be sure to investigate further.

  5. Wonder, why Amazon had chosen taxi services for deliveries instead Uber or lyft ?

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  6. How many uberx driver is there in Tampa Bay?
    Anton Uberx driver in Chicago

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  10. I don’t understand how Uber can allow their drivers to be unlicensed if all cab (taxi) companies require that their drivers be licensed. Is Uber somehow different or special? My guess is no. They are identical services and should be under the same type of scrutiny and laws.

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