Tuesday, December 13, 2016

St Pete Taxi, Discount Taxi, Airport Rates

"NO PICTURES, PLEASE !!!", - We at Discount Taxi don't want to be associated with CHEAPEST LEGAL AIRPORT TAXI FARES from St. Pete and nearby areas of Pinellas County to Tampa International Airport (TPA) OR St Pete / Clearwater Airport (PIE) ..because they are INSANELY CHEAP, or DO WE?.
Please visit our website and compare our Airport Taxi flat rates to our local Legal Taxi competitors, Our Published Prices are Guaranteed and are Not Subject to Any Kind of Surcharges. Thank you.

"No Pictures, Please",- St Pete Taxi, Only One Discount Taxi Cheap rates to Airport, BOOK ONLINE


  1. Do you have flat rate to go from Treasure Island, Glorida to Sarasota?
    thank you

    1. That depends where in Sarasota you want to go and what Taxi company you want to use.
      If you are going to SRQ - Sarasota/Bradenton International Airport, you looking at anything between $75 and $100
      but if you going to South Sarasota, it will cost you $90 to $115 + tip.
      To find taxi rate from St Petersburg to anywhere in Sarasota County, find the distance and multiply it by $2.10-2.50 meter rate, different cab companies have different rates...
      Be careful out there, there is large number of illegal Taxi companies advertising on google, they operate without commercial insurance,- make sure you are getting in legal taxi cab with lettering, city sticker in the back window and driver hack license (city permit) displayed inside the cab.

    2. current (2017) taxi sticker /city certificate should be gold in color
      Some taxis have old stickers which are illegal
      Red for 2016 and blue for 2015.
      Cabs with old stickers operate illegally

  2. I think, it's a craziest advertising stunt for taxi company I have ever seen,
    It is really insane :)

    1. you right about that, people don't want drama and confusion when ordering taxi to take them to airport. For most people taking cab to airport associates with stressful experience.

  3. Can I pay for taxi ride with Discount Taxi over the phone with my credit card?

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