Monday, November 5, 2012

Best Greek Restaurant in Saint Pete

There are so many Restaurants in Saint Pete.......... need to write about it some day ........

Best of the Bay - Best Greek Restaurant

515 Central Ave  St Petersburg, FL 33701

By Sasha Brown

Amazing Greek Cuisine in Saint Pete, Florida
We all know Florida offers great options when it comes to food and fun. When you have the opportunity to visit Saint Pete make sure you check the Acropolis Greek Taverna restaurant.
This amazing restaurant offers a cozy environment for those who want to have the best when it comes to Mediterranean food. The location is also a plus! It is located right in the heart of Saint Pete. Acropolis Greek food offers a full bar in the tavern style, delicious dining options and lots of entertainment. Their services start at and only end late at night.
This restaurant is the perfect option for those who want to meet up with their friends or family. You will be able to enjoy their delicious Catering services.

The list of options
Well, now let's check a little bit more of what they have to offer. Let's check their menu out!
There are several options on their menu. You can start with tasty appetizers such as Calamari (fried squid tentacles with delicious tomato sauce). After that you can move on to the Salads! Oh the Salads! There are several different options, including the famous Greek Salad, Salmon salad and the Fruit Platter.

The Acropolis Greek Taverna offers their clients many other food options on their Entrees, Wraps and Sandwiches menus.  The restaurant also offers amazing deals if one purchases entrees or sandwiches. They offer side dishes for a small price that is totally worth it! For no more than 4 dollars you can get side Greek salad, Mediterranean rice, orzo (spinach orzo), roasted vegetables, potato salad, pita or bread.  
If you decide to try out their Catering services you will be amazed! There are different sides of servings that you can choose from. There are servings that can serve from 8 to 20 people (depending on the food you chose).
They offer:
· Spreads (12' tray that serves from 5 to 8 people or 16' tray that serves around 15 people)
· Wraps/Sandwich trays
· By the Pan (meat, chicken, seafood, pasta)
· By the piece (1 to 10 pieces or more than 10 pieces)
· Beverages (1 gallon - 128 oz)
· Desserts per piece.   
Therefore the Acropolis Greek Taverna restaurant in Saint Petes is the perfect option for those who want to have the best Greek food around town. The place offers great environment for couples, friends and family (and anyone else for that matter!). There are several food options that can be purchased by piece and also by larger servings (with the Catering Menu). The times of the restaurant are also great, since they open early and only close late at night. You can have a delicious Greek meal pretty much whenever you want to have! There are other restaurants that belong to the franchise in the country; one is bound to be close to you!


  1. Great article about the Acropolis restaurant. It is hard to find a good food place to dine theses days but here it is! All in one unique restaurant, right here in St. Petersburg.

  2. Useful information there. The salads are what I love the most. Another thing about this restaurant is that you get to choose what you want. The famous Greek Salad is my favorite.

  3. Yeah, great restaurant, I know there are 5 locations in all, one is in Miami, another in Ybor City but I can’t remember the rest off the tip of my head. It is a great place to dine especially if you want to have a take out meal with your spouse.

  4. I know better restaurants in Downtown Saint Pete than Acropolis, how about

    Gratzzi Italian Grille
    211 2nd Street South Saint Petersburg, FL 33701
    727 623 9037