Sunday, July 7, 2013

St Petersburg, FL, Best Restaurants by Taxi Drivers

Florida's Best Restaurants recommended by local cab drivers for other taxi drivers and their customers, - feel free to list your favorite restaurant if you are a taxi driver, -please list full name and address of particular restaurant and menu items you like the most.
Hey, you never know, - may be your next cab fare asks you if you know any good Italian restaurants in Downtown Saint Pete, Tampa or Orlando, this information alone could be worth 100% tip on the top of your cab fare and repeated customer, who might be going next day to Miami airport........:)
You just NEVER KNOW....

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  1. Rally Gas Station at

    2131 4th St N,
    St Petersburg, FL 33704

    Obviously Rally gas station is not restaurant but I would like to recommend this place for great coffee, breakfast sandwiches and great veggie pizza for lunch,- very inexpensive snack place for taxi drivers, open 24/7

  2. El Cap Restaurant

    3500 4th St N St Petersburg, FL 33704(727) 521-1314

    Great Burgers, best in Saint Pete

  3. Harold Seltzer's Steakhouse
    3500 Tyrone Blvd N St Petersburg, FL 33710

    (727) 954-7777

    Fantastic food and gr8 service, also inexpensive, steak dinner for 4 including 20 % tip only $115

    1. I couldn't agree more, Seltzer's Steakhouse serves best steaks in tn Pinellas county and at fair prices.
      Highly recomended

    2. Thank you for acknowledging the fact
      Harold Seltzer's Steakhouse is the best steakhouse in St.Petersburg, FL

  4. Best restaurants recommended by taxi driver, that's a neat idea.
    I hope some more taxi driver chip inn to it, perhaps for free lunch:)........ but then it wouldn't be objective opinion by taxi driver?

    1. all Florida St. Petersburg cab drivers would appreciate free lunch.......

    2. Who knows about better about local restaurants if not a experienced cab drivers?
      They take people to those restaurants and pick them up from there every day and they know which restaurants are good...., which restaurants always have packed parking lots......etc.

  5. Mystic Fish on Tampa Road in Palm Harbor! I eat there for special occasions, and recommend it to any customers looking for a great meal.