Thursday, March 28, 2013

Saint Petersburg Attractions

50 Fascinating Things to do in Saint Petersburg Florida!

ST PETERSBURG, FL (Spring 2013) – Score a home run with the Tampa Bay Rays, hit the beach, browse through world class museums, or stroll along streets lined with graceful Mediterranean-style architecture. Whatever your taste, St. Petersburg offers you everything under the sun. With an average temperature of 73.7 degrees and 361 days a year of recorded sunshine, it’s no wonder St Petersburg’s moniker is the Sunshine City. Make sure to include a few of our fascinating things to do and see when you’re in St. Pete:


  1. Dali Museum
    The official site of the Salvador Dali Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida, featuring one of the largest private comprehensive collections of Salvador Domingo Feli...

  2. Saint Petersburg pier, a major landmark of Downtown Saint Pete and magnet for countless tourists and visitors from around the World will be closed for good on May 31 2013 to be replaced within 2 years by so called "Lens" pier.
    New Pier wont have any commercial value, as there will be no restaurants, bike rentals, fishing pole rentals, souvenir shops, place to hand feed Pelicans or places to do some fishing.
    City of Saint Pete thinks that jogging, walking and biking on new pier will attract same number of tourists, or may be they gave up on tourists all together . who knows?
    Anyway, we have only few days left to say final goodbyes to Saint Petersburg Pier before it disappears from skyline of the City forever