Friday, March 29, 2013

San Antonio Airport taxi drivers seek help beating the heat

San Antonio airport taxi drivers seek help beating the heat
Drivers want covered parking or indoor facility built

“Cab driver” does not sound like it would be on a list of the “worst jobs to have in the summer”, but try telling that to the nearly 200 drivers that work at the San Antonio International Airport.
“We're all cooking here,” said Ricardo Delvalle. “We have to stay in cars with the A/C running, the engine running. It’s a waste, as far as gas.”

Unlike airports in Austin, Dallas, and Houston, the holding area for cab drivers at San Antonio International is a large uncovered parking lot.
There are two small aluminum canopies where drivers can sit in the shade, but without a larger covered area or indoor facility, many of them have to tough it out in the extreme heat.

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