Thursday, March 28, 2013

Training Taxi Drivers in Tampa

Hospitality 101: Tampa Bay & Co. training taxi drivers

TAMPA — Polite or gruff, informed or oblivious, a taxi driver can make a big difference in a visitor’s first impression of a city.
Recognizing the value of this interaction, and its larger impact on tourism, Tampa Bay & Company will jump start its new guest services training program with training for drivers of vehicles for-hire, such as taxis, limousines and vans.

"I think it’s a good idea and it’s long overdue,” said Brook Negusei, president of Cab Plus Inc. in Tampa. “The first thing you see, coming into Tampa, is the cab driver, and when you leave, you see a cab driver.”

The initial training is slated for mid-August, in time for the Republican National Convention and the 50,000 visitors it will bring. Further ahead, the program will expand to include other types of tourism industry employees.

The program will provide an “enhancement of the total guest experience that the delegates, media and other attendees will witness first hand,” as opposed to being a traditional economic development tool, said Kelly Miller, president and CEO of Tampa Bay & Company.


  1. I think this a great idea, I think also, that they should create some kind of commission within a city government, with 3-4 inspectors who would be responsible for enforcing certain rules like cabs being clean, driver shaven, etc,
    ...and it doesn't sound that crazy
    Hey, Bloomberg in New York want CAB DRIVERS to COUNSEL HOOKERS !!, did you hear that ?
    This old fart, probably got this idea from "Taxi Driver" movie, where Deniro (cab driver)is trying to be counselor to Judy Foster (hooker)

    check this link below

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