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24/7 TAXI To Tampa Airport, Fares, Flat Rates Information, St Petersburg FL and Pinellas

There are at least dozen cab companies operating in Pinellas County.
Some of them are small with only 1 to 5 cabs, others are well established outfits with 40-50 or even 100 cars.
Taxi rates varies between them and usually run between $2.10 and $2.50 a mile on top of $2.00-$3.25 charge for meter drop.
Most of Taxi companies offer flat rates to go to Tampa airport from certain areas and usually "flat rates" are somewhat discounted from metered rates.
It pays to call different companies and inquire about their rates to go to airport, it could save you 10 to 20 % on your trip.

Below are examples of airport taxi fares to Tampa Airport from Pinellas County.
Please note, these rates don't include tips.

from Downtown Saint Pete 
to Tampa Airport $35- $50
from Shore Acres to Tampa Airport $35- $45
from Gandy St Petersburg to Tampa Airport           $30 - $40
from Disston St Petersburg                $35- $45
from Gulfport                          $45 - $60
from Saint Pete Beach              $45- $65
from Pinellas Park                 $35 -$45
from Treasure Island              $45- $65
from Madeira Beach, Fl         $45 - $65
from Indian Shores              $45 -$60
from Redington Beach        $45--$65
from Seminole                         $40 - $55
from Indian Rocks Beach     $40 - $55
from Clearwater Beach           $30 -$50
from Largo                           $35 - $50
from Clearwater                     $25 - $45


  1. How much would cost me taxi ride from Pass-a-Grill to Tampa Airport, how long in advance I need to book it and should I take in consideration slow traffic on the way to Tampa if my flight leaves for Toronto Canada at 6:30 PM ?

    1. My guess estimate is about $60 to $70 to get to Tampa airport on the meter, but I think you will be able to get there cheaper. Bats Taxi of Saint Pete Beach offers flat rate from Pass a Grille to TIA and its about $54 + tip.
      In regard of your time of departure,- my suggestion is to leave as early as possible.
      Traffic on 275 going towards Tampa could be heavy between 4 - 6 pm, -at that time its a rush hour and anything can happen.
      If I were you I would get in the cab at 3 pm

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    3. If you are leaving St Petersburg and going to any of airports below

      "We service following airports in Florida: (PIE) St Petersburg / Clearwater Airport * (TPA) Tampa Airport * (MCO) Orlando Airport * (SRQ) Sarasota – Bradenton Airport * (RSW) Southwest Florida Airport in Ft Myers * (MIA) Miami Airport * "

      you can pre-book or make reservation for your taxi / minivan with Discount Taxi

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    5. Taxi cabs to airports - how to order them - tips and information
      WHATEVER YOU DO, DO NOT ASK FRONT DESK AT YOUR HOTEL TO ARRANGE FOR YOUR TRANSPORTATION TO AIRPORT. because more often than not hotel employees are getting paid from designated cab drivers in kickbacks for your trip and that inflates your final cost / rate,
      Also, do not try to hire cab company /driver which advertises on Google, because about 90% of them employ some kind of bait and switch tactics .....You call them night before to get from St Pete Beach to Tampa airport and they will confirm "Yes, we will take you to Tampa airport for $40-45" but next day at the time of your schedule travel, they will call you and say "I am sorry to inform you, but the cab which suppose to pick you up broke down"
      of course, they will profusely apologize and offer you other option of travel at metered rate which probably will cost you anything between $75 and $100, if you refuse that, they will have a cab parked conveniently in front of your hotel, seemingly unrelated to your need to get to airport asap .with meter set up at rate $2.50-2.80 or even + $3.00 a mile..
      So? do you want to know how to get to airport relatively cheaply?
      Look up the google listings for legit local cab companies, call them and ask for flat rates to airport , choose one which offers best deal but also at same time is reliable and has a number of google reviews....

    6. I would like to bring to your attention that all the rates in original post are outdated and companies like Discount taxi offers even bigger discounts on trips to Tampa airport
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    7. "Be aware of wave of illegal taxi operators in Pinellas County
      They advertise on google without all the necessary credentials like city or state licenses, commercial insurance, drivers background checks, etc
      Here is few names of those “taxi companies” which in couple of instances are operated by same person. Edward Plundra
      st Pete Clearwater Airport Shuttle
      Largo Taxi
      Green Cab
      Bay and Beach taxi
      I Care Sedans & Cab co
      Clean Cut Taxi & Town Car
      Snappy Taxi
      Uber airport taxi
      Coral Cab
      How to avoid of being ripped off on illegal and dangerous taxi service?
      Call local law enforcement or business tax division and ask them if they have company you plan to use on record as a established taxi company or airport shuttle service........."

  2. On 5/5 we need to get from Treasure Island to Miami airport for 7:30 am flight, there is going to be 5 of us with 5 pieces of luggage + 1 guitar
    We already called couple of local cab companies and best estimate we've got is $595
    Is there anybody out there who would take us to Miami for $500 or less?

    1. so did you get someone to take you to Miami Airport and what was your cost? I am kind of curious....

    2. If you want really good deal on trip to any airport within state of Florida
      Call Discount Taxi at
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  3. I wish my cab was a little bit bigger, then I would take you to Miami for less than $500.
    My suggestion for you is to speak directly with minivan taxi drivers and haggle with them about the price.
    Believe me, they would rather drive to Miami Airport for $350 net profit than drive around Saint Pete or Tampa
    Price $500 before expenses sounds reasonable and I am pretty sure you will find someone.
    Good Luck

  4. Is it legal for taxis from Pinellas County to pick up people from Tampa airport at the departure terminal? THX

    1. its kind of tricky business, officially it is illegal to pick at Tampa Airport for Pinellas County, Clearwater or Saint Pete taxis, but drivers are still doing that.
      On few occasions I picked up from the airport and twice I was confronted by Airport Cops and nothing happened, bur they gave me to understand that Tampa Airport is off limits for Saint Petersburg cabs,- I guess, they were lenient for poor cab driver from Saint Pete. :)

  5. two weeks ago I took a taxi from Saint Pete Beach to Tampa airport, the cab arrived on time, /no problem here, but the rate they promised in their ads was nothing close to what I paid, instead $35, I paid $71.
    So be careful before you get in one of those gypsy cabs, ask the driver upfront, how much to Tampa Airport. or use established taxi company like Bats, Yellow or Independent.
    Once a year I come to Saint Pete Beach for 3 weeks vacations to relax and I always try to safe money, but this time I really made mistake,- I would be much better off taking Bats taxi or Independent,- they charge 20-30 % less on trip to airport than those bandits

    1. I am not sure about Bats, they pretty expensive, also some drivers at Bats have certain way of talking to customers and try to make them believe that they (cab drivers) work only for tips, what make customer feel almost obliged to tip them 25% or more.

  6. How much to tip cab driver on the way to airport? does "flat rate" includes tip?

  7. Usually taxi flat rate to airport doesn't include tip for a cab driver, unless you struck some kind of verbal deal directly with him and he promised to you, that the tip will be included in flat rate to airport.
    Customary tip for taxi driver on the way to airport is anything between 10 and 25 % cash and 15 -25% on credit card.
    If driver shows effort to entertain you on 30-45 minutes trip or tries assure your comfort, IMO he deserves + 20% tip.
    ......and please don't pretend that you are from City of Tipping in China, because taxi drivers work hard for their money, often 12-14 hours, 6-7 days a week just to support themself, their families and pay bills.
    If you don't tip them on $50 ride to airport, they will be coursing you all the way back to area of their regular operation and that's BAD KARMA if you about to board the plane going from Tampa to somewhere in Kansas, Nebraska or Iowa ...:)

  8. is there a shuttle that goes from tampa airport to st pete airport?

    1. I just got off the phone with Super Shuttle Tampa to answer your question. (727-572-1111),- it took me +5 good minutes to get through to an operator, here is my finding:
      Super Shuttle do provide transportation between Tampa and St. Petersburg / Clearwater Airports, the fee for one person is $29.00
      They have information booth at Tampa Airport arrival terminal, at west end of it.
      From what I understand, you can make booking online too at

      other, more convenient option and probably cheaper if you travel in company, it is to catch a cab( Yellow of Tampa or United Cab) from same terminal, It will cost you about $35 and cab driver wont charge you for extra people sharing this ride with you, as long as you heading to same destination

  9. Question, In 2 weeks my vacations will be over and I would need a cab to get from Redington Beach to Tampa airport and one of my cab drivers told me not to ask condominium front desk to order a taxi through them, because it would cost me 30 % to up to 100 % more.
    Is that truth, that front desks at the hotels and condominiums in Florida getting kickbacks from cab drivers for hooking them up with airport trips and customers are paying for that?

    Thank you
    Bernie from Ohio

    1. Not only hotel employees / front desk are getting kickbacks from cab drivers for airport runs at inflated rates, but also taxi drivers are getting kickbacks from certain strip clubs, night clubs and restaurants for bringing customers to their doors.
      I don't know about Redington Beach or Saint Pete Beach in particular, but this is pretty common taxi/hotel scam in Tampa Bay.
      Hotels in Downtown of Saint Pete (in particular) like Hilton, Vinoy / Renaissance, Indigo and Marriott just to name few and their employees has been known for getting kickbacks from taxi drivers for longer trips .
      So next time you come to Tampa Bay, remember to do some "shopping" on your (longer) taxi trip to Tampa, Orlando or Fort Myers Airports, simply use your smart phone to google search for local cab companies, call them and ask about their rates / estimates to your destination, if they accept credit cards?, if they allow smoking?, etc. call 3-5 of them and you might save as much as 25 - 50 % from the quote hotel staff gave you

      Hope this helps

      Jay / Saint Pete Cab driver

  10. How much cost cheapest taxi ride from Treasure Island to Busch Gardens in Tampa

    1. call Independent, they are cheapest in whole Pinellas County

    2. here is a phone for Independent taxi, 727-327-3444

  11. how much would be a taxi trip from st. petersburg/clearwater to tampa airport? thank you

  12. there are 2 new cab companies in Downtown St. Petersburg, Grand Cab and County Cab, also, I noticed that ABC taxi from Tampa makes pick ups in St Pete .too.

  13. What is the best taxi company in Saint Petersburg to work for and why?

    1. By far, Bats Taxi is the best cab company to work for in Pinellas County.
      They offer 50/50 meter split,. driver keeps all the tips and he pays for his own gas.
      Seems like this model makes more sense, because it puts taxi drivers and owners of company in same boat of making sure that business is conducted in right way.....

    2. I don't know, how you figure this out that meter split 50/50 is better for a driver than $65 flat lease for 12 hour shift, especially during the season months Jan-Aug.

  14. Hi, I plan to take my family to Busch Gardens in Tampa and according to
    the trip from Madeira Beach to Busch Gardens is going to cost me + $100 one way, are there any cheaper cab companies operating in the area? Thank you

  15. probably you don't need this information any more, but to inform future visitors to this blog, taxifarefinder same like most taxi fare automated internet based estimators / calculators are misleading.
    To get best idea how much you will spend on taxi fare eg from Madeira Beach to Busch Gardens in Tampa is to call 3-4-5 different local cab companies and ask them directly for estimate and if they have flat rate on this particular trip.

  16. Talking about taxifinder fare calculator?
    I had interesting experience about month ago with the lady who asked me to drive her from St Petersburg to auto repair shop in Sarasota.
    She didn't asked me for estimate on the trip or enter information in my GPS navigation, but in commanding voice stated that she knows how much fare will cost and she demanded flat rate,( tip included), which should be equal to her estimate of $125 based on!!! :)
    Who am I to argue with the lady....even though, I know, the fare from St Petersburg to her destination in Sarasota would be only around $90-95 ..........
    So, we went to Sarasota for $125.

  17. Let me guess, she commanded you not to run taxi meter too :)?

  18. Is there shuttle going from St Pete Beach / Treasure Island to Busch Gardens in Tampa? thx

  19. how much to rent a taxi from tampa airport to st. pete beach?

  20. Super shuttle rate from tampa airport to downtown st.pete was $27++ because of the have a 20-30mins wait time from the time you booked through their kiosk. The driver thst i had at the time was young and very courteous so i tipped him big.

  21. Whatever you do, don't use Discount airport taxi booking service, these guys are not reliable, because of them I almost missed my flight and driver was an idiot coming with some lame excuses for being late.

  22. New 2017 Discount taxi rates from St Petersburg and nearby areas to Tampa Airport (TPA)
    "33701, Downtown St. Pete to Tampa Airport (TPA) $35
    33702, Gandy area of St. Petersburg to Tampa Airport (TPA) $30
    33702, Gateway Mall area of St. Pete to Tampa Airport (TPA) $30
    33703, Shore Acres, St. Petersburg to Tampa Airport (TPA) $35
    33703, Magnolia Heights, St. Petersburg to (TPA) $35
    33704, Snell Isle and Old Northeast, St. Petersburg to TPA $35
    33705, Coquina Key, Saint Petersburg to TPA $40
    33705, Tropicana Field in St. Pete to TPA $35
    33705, Fusion 1560 Apartments in St. Petersburg to Tampa Airport $35
    33706, St. Pete Beach to TPA $45
    33706, Pass-a-grille Taxi to Tampa Airport $45
    33706, Treasure Island to TPA $45
    33707, South Pasadena and Gulfport to TPA $40
    33708, Madeira Beach and Redington Beach to TPA $45
    33709, Kenneth City to TPA $35
    33710, Tyron Mall area of St. Pete to TPA $40
    33711, South Saint Petersburg to TPA $45
    33712, South Saint Petersburg to TPA $45
    33713, St. Petersburg to TPA $35
    33714, St. Petersburg and Lealman to TPA $35
    33715, Tierra Verde and Fort De Soto to TPA $45
    33716, Gandy and Roosevelt area of St Pete to TPA $30
    33744, Bay Pines, FL to TPA $45
    33781, Pinellas Park to TPA $35
    33782, Pinellas Park to TPA $35
    33762, Feather Sound and (PIE) St. Petersburg / Clearwater Airport area to TPA $30...."