Thursday, April 4, 2013

Ready to go to Tampa Airport?

Who said that Toyota Prius is too small to be used as a taxi?
Three Large suitcases packed orderly in "small" trunk of Toyota Prius are ready to be taken with 3 passengers to Tampa International airport.


  1. what kind of gas mileage does a toyota prius gets in real life?

  2. As a cab driver I can say that Prius gets anything between 40 and 50 miles to the gallon, and that depends on driving condition, weather, tires, how many calls I get per hour and how fast I have to move around, if I have to run AC all the time... etc.

  3. Most passengers are pretty much excited about getting ride in new Toyota Prius Taxi, - but some of them are seeking excuse not to tip me by commenting " you saving a lot of money om gas", YEAH right, what about $500 monthly payments to the Toyota dealer + extra car insurance like a collision, theft, uninsured motorist and this is another $150 extra per month on the top of regular commercial taxi insurance I have to pay, which is required by Florida law ?