Monday, June 17, 2013

Taxi Dispatching Solutions and Ideas

Full Service Taxi Dispatching Solutions:


Unlike traditional dispatch system providers where you purchase or lease all the equipment and train the staff to use it, CCSi offers full-service, turnkey reservation, dispatch and back office services by providing computer hardware, software and personnel.  A typical CCSi client takes advantage of the following services:
Call Taking – CCSi staff handles all incoming telephone calls, enters new reservations and looks up information about existing reservations using CCSi’s own best in class, Microsoft Windows based, VB.NET software.  CCSi’s software is fully integrated with its telephone switch.  The result is 100% guarantee that the fleet that owns the telephone number called by the customer receives the reservation.  Using customer’s telephone number, CCSi software displays the customer’s address and any special instructions if the customer has called us before.  The software alerts the CSA if a reservation has been entered from the same address or telephone number within the past hour to prevent duplicate trips and also to expedite callback handling by displaying the map showing the customer’s pickup address, the location of the vehicle assigned to the customer and the distance between the two points.  It is not unusual for CCSi customers to call back and be told by the CSA to look outside and to their amazement they see a taxi pulling up.  CCSi has developed and is currently using IVR technology to allow bars/restaurants and hotels to reserve taxis without speaking with a CSA.  Another application, called Auto CSA, intercepts customers who are on hold and have previously called CCSi and gives them a choice to place their reservation for the address their phone number is associated with without speaking with a CSA.  We also provide taxi reservation services through RideCharge web and iPhone reservations, through SMS texting from cell phone via and through CCSi’s own SMS short code (469222, and smart phone apps.
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The Mobile Data Solutions Company

Mobile Knowledge has been innovating and delivering automated dispatch technologies to the For-Hire industry for more than 30 years. Our team of approximately 50 engineers, business analysts and administrative personnel, are recognized throughout the world for the high quality of our equipment, software, and support services. Our open system approach distinguishes us from our competition and ensures that clients have the ability to tailor their overall system to meet their specific requirements.  

With more than 150 systems deployed worldwide, and more than 50,000 vehicles equipped with Mobile Knowledge Mobile Data Terminals (“MDTs”), Mobile Knowledge is recognized as one of the largest and most experienced solution providers in the area of For-Hire Fleet management. 

Taxi Dispatch Systems

MTData has one of the world’s most advanced taxi dispatch    systems, used by over 29,000 taxis worldwide. Built on the latest technology platforms, the system has been designed with open architecture and extensive options allowing customers the utmost level of flexibility through self-configuration. MTData is committed to continuous improvement in order to provide the best technology as well as excellent after sales service and support. The consistent investment in research and development assures customers will always have access to tools that enable them to remain leaders in their market place.

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Welcome to American Taxi Dispatch, Inc.

WELCOME American Taxi Dispatch, Inc. is a dispatch service only, providing dispatch to independent owner-operators who provide their own vehicles, equipment, and insurance policies. The policy limits are currently $500,000.00 per policy, twice the current State of Illinois requirements. American Taxi Dispatch, Inc. has no liability for the actions of any of the independent owneroperators who subscribe to its dispatch service.

We service the entire Chicagoland area and Milwaukee suburbs. We offer Flat Rates for rides to and from the suburbs and the airports and downtown. Corporate Accounts, Hotel and Business quick online order links are available.


  1. I wonder, why nobody came up with the idea of voice activated fully automated dispatching system based on taxi driver biding on the calls?.
    The system would work like this:
    Customer calls and hears short recording prompting him / her to state clearly their name and address


    My name is Joe Dickson
    123 Grove St.

    or for landmark calls

    Bob Black
    Hilton Hotel, room number 919
    Saint Petersburg, FL

    then their voice is converted to a text which is send to all the cabs in the area and enters the bid list of calls available to all cab drivers.
    If the driver chooses call nearest to him or one he wants to do, he presses acceptance button on his smart phone / tablet which sends instant message to a customer that taxi is on the way.
    For verification, calls appearing on a bid list have phone contact number and what time the call was made.
    The system would be available to all cab drivers, regardless of their company affiliation for low monthly fee paid online..........

    To start this, you would need really good programer and sales people
    .....what Uber, Go-Taxi, Hailo, etc?
    They never drove a cab or dispatch calls....


    check this out

  3. how to start taxi company in tampa bay?

  4. What is the best gps for taxi drivers

  5. What is a best taximeter on US market?

  6. Question: Are there any Police informants working for Independent Taxi? ... not that I am against the law or withholding crucial information from local law enforcement agencies, but I am kind of worry that, person with those kind of connections could be misusing it or even worse.. fabricating falsehood against people they don't like and who happen to work at Independent, just to harass them with use of local (unaware) government ......?
    Question #2 who knows all the drunks, hookers, thieves, potheads and crackheads in St Pete. ?

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