Thursday, June 13, 2013

Toyota Prius as a Taxi Cab

What is general opinion of cab drivers on using Toyota Prius as a taxi ?  

How long they last? 
Do they develop mechanical / electronic problems and at what points or after what mileage ?
How much does it cost to repair Toyota Prius ?
After how many miles / kilometers battery needs to be replaced and how much does it cost ?
How long lasts Toyota Prius  electric transmission ?

What can go wrong Toyota Prius electric transmission?

How many miles to a gallon or liters per 100 Kilometers does Toyota Prius taxi gets in real world usage?

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Dustin Hoffman drives Toyota Prius


  1. What is a best car for a taxi in US market and why?

    1. IMO, Mercury Grand Marquis is a best car for a taxi,- they are relatively cheap to fix, cheap to buy, last for at least 300K.and any mechanic can work on them.

  2. Here is perfect car for a cab in Canada,- new mercedes b-250 whit new engine 2 litre twin turbo,run stop technologie, economic low emmition,and power

    1. does it run on gas or diesel ? how many miles to a gallon? or how many liters per 100 kilometers you can do with it? / thx

  3. How much does it cost to repair Toyota Prius transmission? How long they last?
    From what I know, they are electric, does it mean, they last longer than regular mechanical transmissions?
    I tried to ask same question the local taxi driver in Saint Pete who drives Toyota Prius for Indy taxi? I guess?, but seems to me that he was kind of confused by me questioning him.
    May be he was afraid of me or something.

    kisses from Miami , Linda

    BTW, Pride parade in Saint Pete was lovely event, even mayor
    of saint Pete Bill Foster was in attendance, is he gay too?

  4. How to get better tips if you driving Toyota Prius as a taxicab?
    ...people tend to assume that if you a taxi driver and drive Toyota Prius, somehow, you deserve less of a tip than other taxi drivers who drive gas guzzlers like Ford or Chevy, because you save money on gas.....?
    Here is suggestion for Toyota Prius taxi drivers..:
    when your passenger start to comment on money you saving on gas, get yourself in complain and whining mode and say:
    "Buying Toyota Prius for a taxi was your biggest mistake"
    " I am stack with dose monthly payments of $500 a month on a car, not to mention + $120 for extra taxi insurance, which covers collision and theft"
    " .. and on top of that you get all those people in you cab, who don't want to tip you, because you saving a lot of money on gas"
    " I am telling you man, Toyota Prius?, I just really hate it as a taxi"
    .... guess what? after 5-10 minutes of whining like that, your fare starts to feel sorry for your crappy life as a cab driver and they tip you + %30 and as much as %100 on the fare,,,
    .... try it, it works

  5. Toyota Prius is a pretty good car for a taxi, but it has major problem with visibility of the roadway for a driver.
    Took me 4 weeks to learn how to drive it and 2 sets of hubcaps.
    The other problems are limited space for a driver and low quality of audio system.
    What I like about it is a 42 MPG in hot Florida summertime weather where AC has to run constantly and about 48 MPG in a winter.
    The other think I like about it, is a quite spacious trunk with additional storage bean right underneath of trunk's floor

    1. thanks for levelheaded info on Toyota Prius w/o any hype

    2. So you say that those claims by Toyota dealers that you can do 50-60 MPG in Prius 3 are false?

  6. The idea is slowly catching on, as of now there are 4 Toyota Prius taxis in St Petersburg, two are in Independent fleet and other 2 are at Yellow Cab

    1. any reliable place in Pinellas County where I can do repairs on my Toyota Prius 2010 besides toyota dealer? thx

    2. "The idea is slowly catching on, as of now there are 4 Toyota Prius taxis in St Petersburg, two are in Independent fleet and other 2 are at Yellow Cab"
      Here is update on Toyota Prius usage in Pinellas as taxis of today, Yellow Cab of St Petersburg has only one Toyota Prius in its fleet, same like Independent Taxi and
      Discount Taxi of St Petersburg has two of them

  7. Headlights in my toyota prius 2012 taxi went out completely, why?

  8. 2012 toyota prius with 105K miles is still running strong as a taxi in Florida's heat

  9. I am getting this message on the screen in my Toyota Prius 2012

    "check hybrid system message stop vehicle in safe place "

    what does it mean? how much it would cost to fix it?
    do all Toyota Prius cars from same year develop similar problems? thx

    1. Does anybody knows good auto repair shop for Toyota Prius cars in St Petersburg, Pinellas County area? thx

    2. How much cost 12v Auxiliary battery for Toyota Prius 2012?

    3. In my case battery cooling fan went bad / dirty and I had to take it to Toyota dealer,-to clean the fan cost me
      $280 at

      AutoNation Toyota Pinellas Park
      8501 US Highway 19 North
      Pinellas Park, FL
      (727) 231-1423

  10. What kind of oil should I use in Toyota Prius after it hits +100K / thx

  11. People often wonder just how much money they can save by purchasing a Toyota Prius. With the Prius’ famed EPA fuel consumption estimates of 51 miles per gallon city and 48 highway, everyone believes it is not a question of whether, but how much, the Prius will save you.

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