Monday, June 24, 2013

Trenton, NJ taxi Driver Killed on the job

Cab drivers in Trenton are on their own

TRENTON — Hitel Blair has worked as a cab driver in Trenton for more than 20 years and has giving rides to hundreds of strangers. He doesn’t remember every stranger, but he does remember the stranger that pulled a knife on him on a sunny afternoon 20 years ago.
“I saw the glare as I was driving. So I grabbed his hand and last thing I know I’m driving and holding this man’s hand to stop the knife from touching me,” Blair said........

R.I.P Larry Hamilton


  1. really sad story and eye opener for rest of taxi drivers out there, taxi driving is not a picnic and you need to be on look out for possibly dangerous situations and try to avoid them at all cost

  2. video cameras in taxis could help resolve many taxi driver problems of skipping out on taxi fares, unruly behaviors, accusations by passengers, robberies or even murders of cab drivers.
    The simple video cameras with voice recording cost less $150 these days, I think its a worthy investment for piece of mind of cab driver and it really works.