Monday, July 8, 2013

Florida Sunday Concert presented by "Taxi Driver"

Introduction to Dave Matthews Band on 60 Minutes

Dave Matthews Band - Live in Central Park, NYC


  1. Dave Matthews Band - 2001, the guy is from Johannesburg, South Africa, I really love this music

  2. the guy sounds a little bit like Sting in form of almost like talking and singing, is it some kind of sung poetry?
    ..........IMO, great music anyway you look at it and even better if you consider it as a background music for surfing internet, romantic encounters, at the poker table in Derby Lane... :)

  3. how to analyze video editing techniques based on Dave Matthews Band - Live in Central Park, NYC video ? and how "taxi driver" made is so exciting...;) "not really" to later part of the question

  4. i call it classic of POP music, really great jazzy piece but + 18 minutes?

    1. I meant Dave Matthews Band - Live in Central Park, NYC

  5. I like the idea of violin setting rhythm to a song, very innovative and sounds great