Monday, July 22, 2013

Snake Oil Seller tries to be oracle on taxi driver business issues

Well,-- another snake oil seller tries to be oracle on taxi driver business issues. Shame on you Mr. Andrew Bender,- you just don;t have slightest clue how things work on the streets.
May be you should become taxi driver in Las Vegas just for one weekend, before you make any statements or try to imprint taxi driver image on you unaware readers

"The Biggest Scam In Vegas May Be Your Taxi Ride
Las Vegas is famous for shady characters who try to stay under the radar: card counters, bookies and, um, others. But some of the shadiest may be hiding in plain sight: taxi drivers.
“We conservatively estimate airport passengers were overcharged $14.8 million in 2012,” reads an audit report on taxi services in Las Vegas, presented to the Nevada State Legislature last week.
The biggest scam: long hauling, taxi-speak for deliberately taking an indirect route. The audit found that long hauling occurred on 22.5 percent of taxi rides from the city’s McCarran Airport.
“Vegas is one of the most popular airports for taxi scams,” says Todd Romaine of IHateTaxis. com, which provides info about local transportation from airports worldwide. In volume of scams, he puts Vegas on par with Rome, Bangkok and Cairo...."


  1. who reads Forbes anyway? only reach and privileged.....
    ....too bad, that people who can afford to tip cab drivers for providing them with taxi services are getting smoke blown up their asses by people like Andrew Bender ...... who tries to place an wedge between taxi driver and his customers.....
    Is there any discriminatory term for behavior like that....?
    .... anyway,- may be we should sue Forbes for spreading falsehood about taxi drivers in general...? Hey, you just never know.... It could be worth couple of millions...for taxi driver fund which supports families of fallen cab drivers around the country ?

  2. LOL, that sounds really good, imagine headlines in Saint Pete Times, "Taxi drivers of Tampa Bay area are suing Forbes for misrepresenting"
    That would sound like taxi union in Tampa Bay...?

    1. sure. taxi drivers in Florida get organized ;)

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