Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Free Taxi Hailing Apps

The ride-sharing movement is bustling in some cities, yet still emerging in others, which is why good old yellow cabs are still the most trusted way to find a ride home at the end of a night out. Sure, Lyft’s pink mustaches are a welcome sight, and taking a fancy Uber black car has its perks, but having a regular taxi app on hand is a smart move—especially since hailing a cab on New Year’s Eve can be nearly impossible without planning ahead. Here are five reputable taxi apps for worry-free transportation.

Taxi Magic
Although you can find tons of apps specific to different cities, Taxi Magic (free for iOS and Android) is the most widespread—it's compatible with more than 60 major U.S. cities and their surrounding areas. Taxi Magic maintains partnerships with several major taxi fleets, and the app will locate available taxis nearby via your phone’s location services.
Tab on a cab in the app’s map to see which fleet it belongs to and what the driver’s name is, and tap “Come get me!” to order cab service. From there, the taxi-dispatch center is notified, and a driver is sent to pick you up. You can track the arrival of your taxi, send a message to your driver with further instructions, and even save a credit card to your account to pay for your ride all through Taxi Magic. Taxi Magic charges standard cab rates, plus a convenience fee of between $1.50 and $2..........


  1. Seems to me that none of these apps is 100% taxi driver and passenger friendly, but than again, if you (as a Taxi Hailing app co.) took millions of dollars from venture capital investors, you have to produce some revenues and profits or at least database full of private information.

  2. bigger taxi cab companies in US have their own taxi hailing / flagging apps and those which don't, they signed up with Taxi Magic, GoTaxi or any other taxi booking apps companies out there.....

  3. Whatever you do, don't give up your personal information to so called "ITaxi.ws free taxi hailing app"
    ITaxi is total BS, without any working functions in regard to Taxi hailing app, this app was simply designed to to collect personal data from taxi drivers who are searching to improve their taxi business

  4. The best option for taxi app is #Saytaxi. Saytaxi recruits individual drivers and does not give preference to Mears or anyone....Just good licensed and insured taxi drivers.From your #IOS or #Android device, simply launch #Saytaxi app and tap the "Find a ride" option at the bottom of the screen. The app automatically detects your location and smartly locates the nearest available driver based on your preferences. www.saytaxi.com

  5. nice taxi app, but it is not for free , SO, whats the point of using and paying for it, if it doesn't generate calls?

  6. Try tag my taxi.com

  7. Check out these guys, they could do something for local cab drivers in Florida, their app is cool.................
    taxi5.pl all we need, is to get them to design system specifically for Florida,
    question should be........

  8. ".....Launch sophisticated apps branded to your company. Attract fares and drive repeat business with built-in marketing channels and save time with simple three-step implementation....."

    1. here is another solution for taxi hailing app, may be is not free, but it doesn't cost 20% of your take, the uber is charging

    2. getride.com is kind of crappy, its gps locator most of the time doesn't work, graphic design is terrible IMO

  9. ..............but makes sense

    "Cebu-based taxi hailing app expands fleet

    By Jeandie O. Galolo
    Sunday, July 6, 2014

    FROM only 60 partner taxis in Cebu when it started, taxi-hailing app miCab has grown its fleet to 200.

    Eddie Ybañez, miCab co-founder and developer, told Sun.Star Cebu in a recent interview that the team is also planning to expand in other areas in Visayas and Mindanao, with negotiations currently ongoing among taxi operators in different areas.

    In Cebu, miCab partnered with Ken Taxi. The official said it will follow the same strategy for its expansion, partnering only with one taxi operator per area to ensure quality and safe service to passengers.

    Along with its growth, Ybañez diclosed that it has restructured the old miCab app launched in September last year. The team came up with a new version of the app in May in response to the need for a better business model.........."



  10. Functionality of Taxi hailing app

    #1 does it has build in taxi meter