Sunday, December 22, 2013

How to Start Taxi Company in Florida?

Mom Owned, Mom Approved Taxi Service For Kids

Sometimes parents can feel like a taxi service, but Sharron Gay really is one. She is the founder of Mom’s Taxi Service.

Whether you don’t want your kids riding public transportation, the school bus, or you need someone to drive your kids from school to their sports practice, Mom’s Taxi Service does it all. Inspired by her own personal needs, Sharron has created a service that every mom can appreciate.

I recently spoke with Sharron about her business and the inspiration that launched it.

Tell us a little about Mom’s Taxi Service.

Mom’s Taxi Service is a child transportation shuttle service that provides safe, reliable transportation for children and other family members in Broward County, Florida. Our services are primarily for school children between the ages of 4 and 17. Mom’s Taxi is managed by three Broward County women. We understand working mothers, because we’re mothers ourselves. As we like to say, we’re Moms Helping Moms.

What inspired it?

I was inspired by my own personal difficulties in transporting my children. They were enrolled in after-school programs that were quite a distance from my place of employment. So it was a challenge to pick them up on time. I began to speak with other parents and realized that we all face the same struggles with child transportation. I saw an opportunity to start a business to solve the problem. I knew there was a real need to make life easier for parents and children in Broward County. I also knew that moms, who are generally responsible for child transportation, could be negatively impacted on the job. Since they might have to leave work early from time to time to pick up their children, their employers could misread the situation and decide they’re not dedicated or don’t deserve promotions. Mom’s Taxi Service solves the problem. So moms can perform better at their jobs.....


  1. I think its a great idea, lady instead compeating with taxi companies in though taxi market, she created her own niche which she knows and understands

  2. How to start taxi company in Sarasota, FL ? Thx

  3. Where can I get my taximeter and top light installed in Tampa Bay area?
    also, where I can get cheap lettering and graphics on my taxi?

    thank you

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