Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Restaurants Recommended By NYC Taxi Drivers

Restaurant Recommendations, Courtesy of Your Cabbie

By Aaron Rutkoff

Layne Mosler knows how to talk to cabbies about food.

She’s spent the past year asking New York taxi drivers to point her to their favorite restaurants throughout the city, following a two-year stint of doing the same in Buenos Aires. Highlights from her year of cabbie-endorsed eating in New York appeared on her blog, Taxi Gourmet, as a Top 15 list this week.

Mosler’s top five taxi-derived restaurant dishes include:

Baklava at Güllüoglu Baklava & Cafe in Brooklyn and Midtown
Burrito at Puebla’s Chula in Spanish Harlem
Tira de asado at El Gauchito in Queens
Lollipop chicken at Tangra Masala in Queens
Jojeh Kabab with Zereshk Polo at Kabul Kabob House in Queens

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