Friday, March 28, 2014

Marco Rubio (R): Screw Florida cab drivers, I Like UBER

(R) Marco Rubio: screw Florida cab and limo drivers, let the big corporations like Uber or Lyft  with heavy backing from venture capital take over personal transportation market in US, Europe, Australia, Mars, etc, and make all the transactions go through ONE company...........isn't this a corporate monopoly at birth?
.......something like all those small mom and pop hardware stores were put out of business by Home Depot few decades ago or like Walmart put out of business small manufacturing companies around US in name of "lowering customer prices"...!!?? yeah, right.
Decades later, we know results, China and Walton family are getting richer, employees at Walmart are collecting all kind of governmental support (at cost to tax payers) because they can not afford to live on $8.00 an hour and we as customers are forced to buy cheap Sh^%$ made in China, which falls apart after 2 weeks of using it..........

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"Why Marco Rubio's Embracing Uber

The hip-hop listening, Netflix-watching Florida GOPer aligns himself with another hip, tech-driven company.

Sen. Marco Rubio was looking to score a quick ride in Miami, but when he tapped his white Uber button on his smartphone, the Florida Republican came up empty.

“I was bragging to someone about this service in Washington and I clicked onto my app … and up comes a message saying, ‘Sorry we can’t pick you up in Miami because the county commission won’t allow it,’” he recalled. 

That incident was the impetus for Rubio's Monday visit to Uber’s Washington headquarters, where he used the struggle of a growing and fashionable tech company to underscore his case concerning overburdensome regulations.

“We should never allow government power and government regulations to be used to protect an establishment incumbent industry at the expense of an innovative competitor,” he said.

Operating in 37 U.S. cities, Uber is a transportation company that allows a customer to order a taxi, town car or SUV to a specific location with just a click of a phone app. All transactions are paperless and tips are included in the fee. The service quickly gained popularity in Washington due to frustration with the lack of available cabs in certain parts of the city and the inability to pay with credit or debit cards......."

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  1. I guess, Rubio got himself a job at Uber as a spin doctor

    "Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., speaks at Uber's headquarters on Monday in Washington, D.C. Rubio participated in a discussion on the American innovation, and what he described as a need to adapt government regulations to increase economic opportunities."

  2. from taxi driver point of view, UBER is a great idea, at least on surface, until you realize, that it promotes unregulated taxi cab / limo market, with no limits on how many cabs / limos can operate in certain area, therefore creating future oversupply of taxis / limos
    Needless to say, too many cabs will result in even lower wages for taxi drivers.

    1. so what? let the dumb cab drivers get UBERED hehehe

    2. Wow !!! looks like with $30 / hour, 10 hours / day, 6 days a week I will be making about $1800 a week with Uber or Lyft.
      times 4.33 weeks, that's about $ 7,800 a month or + $93,000 a year
      If I decide to work 13/14 hours a day including Sundays
      then I will be making + $ 150 K a year....
      .....who needs stinking collage to live well?
      I will be UBER driver, and a MILLIONAIRE !!!! lol

      ....and you dumb f%^$ "ubered", you will be driven around in under insured car by a driver who doesn't know how to get to Tampa Airport or to St Pete Beach, good luck

    3. I understand reasons why cab drivers don't like Uber, but I still need extra income in my family, so, could anybody here tell me how long it takes to go through process of signing up with UBER?

    4. It takes about 10 days to sign up with UBER, - employees there are pretty cool through email, but whole system of taking info from future drivers is really messed up, - you might have a problems to upload pictures of your documents, eg. driving licence, insurance card, registration, etc.
      ..... what made me even more uneasy, is that I had to give up my SS # information and there was constant pop up advertising, "recommend UBER to your friend driver, and you could make $250, if he signs up with us and completes 100 trips"

    5. "I understand reasons why cab drivers don't like Uber, but I still need extra income in my family, so, could anybody here tell me how long it takes to go through process of signing up with UBER?"

      go and deliver newspapers,- probably you will make more money and for sure you going to put less miles on your car

  3. I stumbled upon your taxi blog, I'll bookmark your blog.

    1. NP, thanks, ---Uber drivers are all happy

    2. just wait until couple of hundred more suckers sign up with UBER and Lyft....
      ......then you'll start to understand what unregulated taxi market and oversupply of cabs mean.......LESS THAN MINIMUM WAGES FOR DRIVERS, POOR QUALITY SERVICE, ETC
      Eventually, market will start to regulate itself with "Supply and demand", but in meantime there will be a lot of suffering...


    4. If only those "local cab companies" were not such a slave masters and treated cab drivers fairly.
      Is Uber and Lyft any better? HELL NO !!
      They are blood suckers too .......

    5. ....but Uber has support of crooked politicians like Marco Rubio and most of talking heads in mass media.- so what do you think who is going to win?, antiquated taxi cab system in Florida, mostly run by underpaid rednecks, or "cool" and educated blood suckers from corporate world like UBER?
      I bet on UBER and Rubio

  4. "Uber and Lyft may sound like a good idea and may sound "progressive." They probably sound the best to people who know the least about cabs. We can start with the knowledge that St. Louis has a long history of cab companies. Some still operating and many who have went away. There are many professional cabbies who have been driving for decades. For cabbies to earn a decent living there has to be proper regulation of the industry. Too few cabs and the public isn't served and too many and drivers can't make decent money. St. Louis has done a pretty good job at regulating the industry through the Metropolitan Taxi Commission. Not perfect by a long shot; but one of the better regulatory bodies by national standards.........."

  5. How much does Lyft and Uber pay per mile to drivers......?

    1. I just signed up with Uber and according to their app, my credit card will be charged $1.5 a mile ($5 minimum)
      Good for a passenger, but not so good for a driver

      Driver expenses:
      after paying 20% fee to Uber , which is $0.30,
      ~$0.25 per mile on every mile driven (even those w/o fare :() in gas
      ~ $0.10 @ mile in repairs and maintenance
      taxi or limo insurance for legal operation ( $3.700-$5.500 a year)
      car payments of about $500-700 a month for over 4 years,( if you want to drive nice new car)
      and you are left with about $0.40 -$0.50 profit without any benefits or security and with high risks.
      eg. if you lose this crappy job, you wont get unemployment benefits and you still will be stuck with your car payments

    2. hey, you can always split car payments over 60 or 72 months and you can buy Toyota Prius, which would cut your gas expenses in half,
      ......also, you are not required to have taxi or limo insurance and do "UBERING" as a part time gig as I do, During the day, I am web designer and at night (4 days a week) I drive people around for minimum $15 an hour,- this is rate is STILL subsidised by Uber.

  6. This is really interesting. Is this the same for taxi drivers in Kamloops? I hope not, because that is where I will be moving soon. Thanks for your help!

    Wayne Deer |

  7. If you take few steps back and look at Uber model of business, you realize that it is build on ice, hype and high tech novelty drive of young professional people.
    What could cause future problems for UBER?
    Imagine company, popping up from the ashes, which instead charging drivers %20 of their take, charge them only %5, or even better, charge them only eg. 50 cents per call..........
    Within couple of months, most Uber drivers would be switching sides as fast as they could upload new app.
    Hey, it is always better to work for MORE money...........NO?

  8. In some countries, taxi hailing apps are free to use for passengers as well as for drivers, as long as the cab/limo drivers are fully licensed and have necessary credentials to provide transportation services to local public.
    In US, on other hand
    UBER , Lyft and corporate America, try to make a buck (%20 to be exact) from misery of cab selling BS to a public and claiming that UBER is cool, efficient and a future, but employing part time, unprofessional drivers who more often than not, have no slightest clue where you need to go....

  9. That would be neat, if local jurisdictions in Tampa, Jacksonville, Miami, Orlando, etc. stick to their original rules and regulations and allow only licensed operators to use taxi hailing apps for let say 25 cents per call............? by ?
    instead letting Wall Street and Kalanick try to mess with livelihood of local cab drivers..........?.

  10. After taking 10 rides or so from Uber within last month, I am
    pretty convinced, that uber and lyft are not future of personal transportation

    So..... I say

    Mark my words, Uber and Lyft go nowhere, but only
    put preassure on taxi industry to step up and be more
    efficient and customer friendly

  11. Here we go, UBER and Walmart are getting together to promote slavery of XXIst century

    ENSLAVE YOUR FELLOW HUMAN BEING AND GET $30 OFF from your next ride with UBER ........:)

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  12. "My first few days as an Uber driver returned the expected result that all my passengers had rated me as a 5. I knew they would because why wouldn’t they? My car is almost brand new, very clean on the inside and out and I’m a very chill, nice guy. I also know well the area where I drive and I rarely take a bad route. I greet them cheerfully. I provide water in all the passenger seats. And I can talk or not talk to them depending on their mood. You have to assess the passenger’s mood. Some people very obviously do not want to talk when they get into your car and with those passengers I keep pretty quiet, other than the initial greetings......."

    1. Please copy and paste below link to read more about UBER rating

  13. IMO.....according to Uber and Lyft business plan envisioned by Wall Street and social media, 20 years from now we will be riding in rickshaws run by half homeless people at cost of town cars, while all the corporate profits will be siphoned to off shore accounts tax free.

    taxi driver from Orlando

  14. is uber legal in st. petersburg, fl ?