Thursday, June 19, 2014

Uber Taxi in London and Florida?

Guess what, Uber is flinching when black cabs of London go on strike,- instead 20% of Uber preset taxi rate, they ask from black taxis for only %5 of the meter as a "taxi booking fee".


  1. I guess, Uber cones to earth ,,,,,,,, no?

    1. Imo, -I don't care much about Uber, but if uber has to stay in Florida , then it would be nice to have more options, like NJ, NY and California have.

      or even

      UberHooker ;)

    2. what do you know? I notice lately growing trend of guys sending uber to pick up and deliver hookers........
      ..............uberhooker is here

  2. That would be great, if UBER let taxi drivers in Florida use their app for %5 of the meter + tip
    the app should work like this
    Customer uses Uber to call nearest licensed cab which has preset taxi rate, so customer knows in advance about the cost.
    after completion of the trip, driver ask passenger how much he is willing to pay total on (let say $8.50 meter), then driver manually enters the amount stated by customer and asks him/her to sign.
    This way, customer will get ride in fully licensed and insured car, taxi driver wont get "robbed" of his tip + local taxi rate and in the end everybody will be happy. I guess.........

  3. dude, you don't get it, the only reason Uber is offering "Uber taxi" in London is because they have gun against their heads in form of striking black cabs of London and lot of negative media attention..
    "Uber taxi app" is total BS if it gives you options to choose between uber taxi and uber car service which is %30 cheaper..... think about it.....
    most people will choose Uber car service option and black cab drivers will get f%^$# in the end

    1. good point, make all those uber and Lyft drivers play according to rules, get your city licence, commercial insurance, get your city licence for public transportation, etc. then we will see, how you are doing on $1.50 a mile calls with tips included, LOL

    2. they already have uber taxi in NYC, Montreal, Toronto and some other place in North America, but uber system works in the way, that it makes easier for potential customer to request uberX, Uber Black Car or Uber SUV rather than Uber taxi, for obvious reasons,- from X, Black Cars and SUV uber gets 20% cut on prices set by uber and from taxis they get only %5 off the meter........

  4. Hi guys, I am following the discussions and developments about Uber since UberPop hit the market in Germany. Here there is a lot of attention on this topic and everybody expects UberPop to be forbidden as it violates current law. For my curiosity:Is UberPop legal in Florida? Cheers, Simon

    1. we don't have Uberpop in Florida but we have Uberx,
      which is illegal, but people are still are using it,-
      seems to me that local law enforcement agencies are unwilling to address the problem and enforce the law.....

  5. In Florida we don't know anything about UberPop yet, but who knows, may be next week we going to have UberPop allover the mass media....:)
    Personally, I prefer Lyft or MyTaxi than Uber, - the other guys are more humane and better organized ...... IMHO