Monday, August 4, 2014

How much money can you make being an Uber driver?

Watch this video first, before you sign up with Uber or Lyft for unrealistic earnings promises, which will turn out to be slave wages.

How much can you make as a Lyft or Uber driver?
Is  driving for Uber or Lyft legal in Tampa Bay?
Can you really make $35/hour driving for Uber in Florida?
Can you really make $70,000 a year driving for Lyft in Tampa Bay?
What are your weekly expenses when you drive for Uber or Lyft?
Is it safer in Tampa Bay to take Uber or Lyft than Taxi?
Why people hate taxis in Tampa Bay and love Uber and Lyft?
Is it tip included in all Uber and Lyft fares?
Who has better cars and better drivers, Lyft, Uber, Taxi?
How to improve Uber, Lyft service?
Why Uber drivers refuse to take my call?
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  1. .....and I thought, the lyft and Uber drivers were making $35 and hour or $70,000 -$100,000 a year.....LOL

    1. Today I made whole $18 for 8 hours of watching uber's stupid app, fuk this shit

    2. Today most of uber drivers received 1099 form via email (report of earnings with uber)
      and I am pretty sure that all the hassle of doing business taxes will scare them off, especially those who make over $30k a year on their regular jobs and drive for uber as a part time gig

    3. UBER, new driver JOKE

      question: "how uber drivers get paid?"
      answer: They get paid in the ass.................

    4. "Reliability and Cost per mile: An #Uber driver who buys a car and really wants to be a business professional needs hard numbers, not hunches, rumors, guesses or wishful thinking.

      If you cannot understand this you probably shouldn't be in business driving your own car.

      Someone might have convinced you that cost per mile doesn't matter. Here's a clue: Cost per mile is the name of the game.

      According to Consumer Reports the most economical car to buy is the Prius hybrid which has a five year cost per mile of 47¢. This is the bottom number crunching line........."

      Read more at:

    5. buber lowered its rates in Tampa Bay to 65 cents a mile !!!!
      HOW STUPID OR desperate someone MUST BE to drive for this kind of money? LOL

    6. OK, now uber is rising rates again to over $1 a mile (they never publish official rates these days) ....but they also start to charge drivers %25 commission instead %20 and additional fee of $1.75 per call instead $1.00, SO?
      ex-uberx driver in St Petersburg, FL stuck with $520/month f%$#*&% car payments

    7. St Pete's Flat rate airport taxi, we don't surge prices like uber, we lower them.
      Also, we are fully insured and licensed.

  2. "Why people hate taxis in Tampa Bay and love Uber and Lyft?"

    #1 Uber and Lyft are much cheaper

    #2 Drivers at Uber and Lyft are new to industry, without bad experiences like robberies, carjackings, fights with customers, cleaning vomits, being in the middle of fight between pimp and a hooker, being physically or verbally assaulted by drunks......... SOOOO........... they ARE MORE OPTIMISTIC AND FRIENDLIER, than regular cab drivers

    #3 Cab driving in one form or another, has been in existence since someone who had money decided that instead walking, he rather sits in a rickshaw pulled by slave or other poor ass always made you feel good

    #4 ................

  3. 'Can you really make $70,000 a year driving for Lyft in Tampa Bay?"

    fuk NO !!!! :)

    1. those were numbers uber advertised in 2014, these days they don't make such a idiotic claims, but still trying to convince potential drivers that driving for uber is the way to make "extra income".....
      Sure!!! if you don't mind to work for $5/hr or less after expenses and still pay taxes on it at the end of the year when uncle uber sends you 1099 form.......

      ex-uber driver in Pinellas County

    2. uber drivers are less than minimum wage morons who are clueless about costs involved in providing transportation to strangers and on top of that they are committing insurance fraud by working for uber and lyft and by hiding from insurance company true purpose of driving a car.
      Guess how insurance company treats drivers who have not disclosed true intentions of using a car....? they refuse to make payments on claim and they sue driver for fraudulent claims ...after something like that, you can forget about getting insurance again at reasonable rate.
      .....BTW I think insurance fraud in state of Florida is a felony

  4. how much can i make as a lyft driver in miami?

    1. may be $500-700 a week for about 60-70hrs and before expenses like gas, repairs, insurance, etc.
      this is less than minimum wage gig

    2. request uber or lyft and speak with a driver, how much he is making ,
      but ask him first, how long he has been driving,- those newer drivers are being subsidized with extra pay per call or even hourly rate, especially at night or on weekends
      You need to take 3-4 rides and "interview" few different drivers,
      at the end of each trip, you can ask them point blank questions
      "How much you took home last week, for how many hours, what were your expenses, etc."

    3. Less than minimum wage after all the expenses ....
      Uber and Lyft are reinventing slavery of 21st century...
      .....and you thought walmart and Mcdonalds were bad, wait for uber to dominate the transportation market with leased out cars.....those drivers will sleeping in their cars to make car and insurance payments,
      Uber might be rising rates, but it will also rise commissions and fees, so if the driver gets 50% of total fare he will be lucky.........

  5. Uber rates in Tampa Bay went down from $1.50 to $1.20 a mile !!!
    You can not make money driving people around at this rate, even if you drive Toyota Prius.
    Tampa Bay is not Chicago or New York, everything here is spread out, you need to drive far to make pick ups and you need to drive far back to your area of
    operation after you made drop off

    1. hey !!! uber doesn't care if you make money as a driver, they are getting new suckers every day with those BS ads on craigslist and bogus press release stories "Uber drivers make 100,000 a year"
      Logic Question:
      How can you possibly make 50K, 100K a year or $25 -$35 / hr, if you are getting paid $1.20 / mile? !!!!
      according to those numbers, you would have to drive

      42K -83K passenger miles a year or about 25 passenger miles / hr
      what about those empty runs? without fare in your car which accounts for about %50 of all miles you have to drive, like getting to a call or getting back to your area of operation..?
      ......So, to make 50K-100K a year with Uber.........or $25- $35 / hr
      You would have to drive between 84K- 166K miles a year or 50 miles / hr, which is physically impossible, not to mention, that with this kind of usage, your car would develop pretty quickly all kinds mechanical and electronic problems,............

      uber driver in Tampa Bay

    2. Uber thinks that all the drivers are stupid .............
      here is example
      Uber offers $20 to existing Uber driver for signing up new uber driver / a friend
      what happens then?
      the whole process creates oversupply of drivers and dilutes number of calls per driver, making really impossible for drivers to make any money, on top of that Uber refuses to pay out on their promises for signing up new drivers and new customers

    3. Uber tries to import sweatshop conditions of employment from 3 world countries, right here to US
      JOIN UBER DRIVERS UNION and say NO!!! to SLAVE LABOR !!!!!

    4. Last year, you guys were complaining that you couldn't make money with rates at $1.20 a mile...:)
      guess what, these days uber rates in Tampa Bay are at $0.95 a mile and uber is not short of uber morons driving for them.

      "Uber rates in Tampa Bay went down from $1.50 to $1.20 a mile !!!
      You can not make money driving people around at this rate, even if you drive Toyota Prius.
      Tampa Bay is not Chicago or New York, everything here is spread out, you need to drive far to make pick ups and you need to drive far back to your area of
      operation after you made drop off...."

  6. "If you are a professional driver who is considering a job driving with Uber, there are some things you need to know. Do not be fooled by their deceptive and sometimes downright dishonest, claims about the benefits of joining Uber. Ads in most major cities are claiming incomes of $1000 per week, while in reality Uber drivers are earning less than half that amount even working 50-60 hrs. per week. The Uber concept is good for the consumer, great for Uber, and horrible for the driver.
    In an article that appeared recently in Business Insider , the author interviewed several Uber drivers and they uniformly stated that they have never come close to earning what Uber ads claim, and that earnings have been steadily decreasing for some time now because Uber has flooded the market in most major cities resulting in less than 50% occupancy for most Uber drivers. Not a single driver reported making anywhere near $1000 a week after subtracting gas cost and fees paid by the driver, and of course after Uber takes their 20% right off the top. Add to this the wear and tear on your vehicle and it turns out the driving for Uber pays significantly less than driving for a conventional cab company. ...."

    read more st :

  7. That is interesting, when corporate greed meets uneducated mob, which can not be protected by labor laws or represented by crooked politicians

  8. Could someone please explain to me how Uber's surge pricing works?
    This morning I was only car on the map (probably because of heavy rain) and
    the map was lit with orange color which is supposed to indicate high demand and surge price in effect for orange area. In this case the whole Pinellas county was orange yet I was paid regular rate of $1.20 / mile on the couple of calls I did in that area.
    Does anyone know why this happened and why I did not get the promised surge rate? Thanks

    Uber driver from Clearwater

    1. because Uber is a bunch of corporate liars and crooks? who don't care about you as a driver and if you make money?

  9. email from blood sucking Uber, %20 cut / commission is not enough for them, now they going to charge drivers $10 a week for using their Iphone,- what next they going to come up with to, tip passengers for using uber? or some other crazy sh$%#

    "Many of you have told us that you would rather use Uber on your personal iPhone instead of a separate device. Today, we're excited to tell you that you can!

    Over the past year, Uber has been rolling out a $10-per-week service fee to partially offset the fixed costs Uber incurs for each driver to participate in the program, including the costs of the Uber-provided iPhone as well as the monthly data plan. This service fee will appear as a $10 deduction on your weekly payment statement. Starting the week of Monday, September 15, we'll be rolling the fee out to all partners who don't have it already.

    By using your own iPhone and returning your Uber phone, you will not be charged this $10-per-week subscription fee.

    In order to get the Uber Driver App on your own iPhone and turn in your existing Uber iPhone, you must:

    - Have an iPhone 4S, 5, 5C, or 5S
    - Have iOS 7 (to check go to Settings > General > About > Version)
    - Have a data plan that allows you to use at least 2GB/month of data for Uber
    - Any major phone carrier (Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint) will work

    All above criteria must be met in order to swap your phone. If you meet the criteria listed above, CLICK HERE to enroll.

    To waive the fee, you MUST return the Uber iPhone by filling out the shipping information in the link above and sending the phone back as soon as you receive the return mailing envelope.

    *PLEASE NOTE: we will reimburse the fee for the week of 9/15 if you download the Driver App on an accepted iPhone model by Monday, 9/15 and we receive your Uber iPhone by October 1.

    If you don't have an iPhone but would be interested in using your own phone for Uber, please fill out this survey telling us what type of phone you have. Our engineers are working hard on the Driver App to make it available ASAP on Android phones.

    If you are no longer interested in driving for Uber, click here to receive a mailing envelope to deactivate your account and return your Uber iPhone.
    As always, if you have questions feel free to let us know.

    Uber on

    Uber Tampa "

  10. Uber Destroyed My Life
    I was looking for a way to generate some extra income to supplement my veteran pension, give me something to do with my spare time, and most importantly help make the $409/month payments on my 2013 Chrysler 300. I saw an ad from Uber guaranteeing a very lucrative job as well as great working conditions and a secure future. I hired on as an Uber driver and at first everything they claimed seemed to be mostly true. I was earning decent money (though not as much as their ads promised) and was getting plenty of work. All was good until one day I became involved in an accident. It was only then that I discovered that my personal liability insurance did not cover me because my car was being used for commercial purposes. Uber’s mythical “1 million dollar liability coverage” only covered Uber, not me or my car. I am now being sued by the other driver’s insurance company for thousands of dollars and my smashed Chrysler 300 sits in a junk yard racking up storage fees. On top of all of this, no traditional taxi companies weill touch me now because of the accident on my driving record.
    I was only trying to earn an honest extra income and now I have no car, just the $409/month payments and a huge pending lawsuit. None of this would have happened if I had been working or a legitimate taxi company that is required by law to provide both a car and commercial insurance for their drivers. If only I had known then what I know now. Uber is a lying, dishonest company that does not give a damn about their drivers and is only out to make a dishonest buck.DO NOT WORK FOR UBER OR THIS MAY HAPPEN TO YOU LIKE IT DID TO ME!

    1. Wow... you actually think people who read this will believe you??

      Most taxi drivers have several accidents and even criminal records. Taxi companies won't touch you??
      Nowadays, there are more people with criminal background working with Taxis than "clean record" citizens.

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  12. author of these ads on craigslist SHOULD BE INVESTIGATED AND CHARGED WITH MAIL FRAUD

    What you need to know:

    Good Money Our partners typically make $50k per year, and some make as much as $100k+ per year. Get checks deposited into your bank account weekly.
    Flexible hours Work when you want.
    Safe and transparent Know who you're riding with and how much you made each trip. We provide best-in-class commercial liability insurance

    At least 21 years old
    4-door vehicle, 2005 or newer
    Driver's license and personal insurance

    *This opportunity is for an independent contractor
    More Info:

    Uber is looking for drivers who know their way around town and can get our riders around safely and quickly. No previous driving experience is necessary, but we welcome partners who have driven with other peer-to-peer ridesharing networks such as Lyft, Sidecar or Postmates. Our drivers come from all backgrounds and are often employed in other industries. If you are a DJ, designer, actor, customer service agent, barista, retail associate, delivery driver, admin, sales person, contract worker, or intern who is looking for a flexible part time or seasonal job, you should try driving with uberX!
    Principals only. Recruiters, please don't contact this job poster.
    do NOT contact us with unsolicited services or offers
    OK to highlight this job opening for persons with disabilities
    post id: 4708768550 posted: 31 minutes ago email to friend ♥ best of [?]

    1. I'm a driver in Miami region, and Uber X service pays .85 per mile less Uber's 28% commission.
      .13 per minute less 28% Uber commission.
      After standard depreciation on my vehicle, I make $4.97 per hour worked (not paid for sitting waiting for a rider) Your comment is utter B-S

    2. I'm a driver in Miami region, and Uber X service pays .85 per mile less Uber's 28% commission.
      .13 per minute less 28% Uber commission.
      After standard depreciation on my vehicle, I make $4.97 per hour worked (not paid for sitting waiting for a rider) Your comment is utter B-S

  13. Safety Worries Make Uber, Lyft Fair Game for Taxi Watchdogs

    The Oregon Insurance division cautions drivers that personal insurance policies will not provide you with coverage if you drive for companies like Uber and Lyft "because you would be collecting a fee for driving another person." Riders, meanwhile, were told that "neither your personal auto policy nor the personal auto policy of the driver will protect you when you are riding in another vehicle for a fee."
    Meanwhile, late last month, the district attorneys for both San Francisco and Los Angeles issued a statement warning Uber, Lyft and Sidecar that they misled customers by claiming their background checks of drivers screen out anyone who has committed driving violations, including DUIs, as well as sexual assault and other criminal offenses.

    San Francisco District Attorney George Gascon in June charged and Uber driver with striking a passenger, even though that driver had passed the company’s background check despite court records indicating he had previously been convicted of felony drug dealing and misdemeanor battery.

    Safety Worries Make Uber, Lyft Fair Game for Taxi Watchdogs

  14. Caitlin Johnston Tampa Bay Times Staff Writer
    she is a dumb bitch and paid by uber spin doctor without any knowledge on the subject

  15. UberX drivers make less than minimum wage

    ".....Joseph De Wolf Sandoval, the president of the California App-Based Drivers Association (CADA), which organized Uber driver protests, tells us, "Uber's claims simply do not withstand actual driving on the road."

    De Wolf Sandoval offered a real-life example of how Uber’s fares work:

    An UberX driver receives a phone call to pick up a client. It took the driver 10 minutes to get to the location. During that time, the driver can't pick up any other calls, so he's effectively off the clock. Driver waits outside for the client to come outside, which takes five minutes. So we're at 15 minutes already of being off the clock, without having any fare at all.

    The customer comes out, gets in the Uber and they go about 2 miles, which takes about 5 minutes in Los Angeles with traffic. Driver drops off the client, and the total fare for that was $4. Of that $4, Uber takes a dollar off the top for something they call the 'safe rides fee.' And then the fare has gone down to $3. Now Uber takes 25% of that, leaving the driver with $2.25.

    The “safe rides fee” he mentions is a $1 fee added to UberX fares that Uber says goes toward background checks, driver safety education, development of safety features within Uber's app, and more.

    Citing IRS calculations for the costs to run a vehicle for business at 50 cents a mile, De Wolf Sandoval estimates this driver took home $1.25 from this particular $4 trip......"

    read more at:

  16. Uber is ripping off customers in Jacksonville for $$$,-
    .........too bad, that the drivers who are doing all the dirty work for them see none of that money.......

    Getting a ride to big events can be expensive depending on where you are coming from. But after last weekend, a lot of people feel like they were ripped off.

    Uber is a car service that operates all over the state, including Jacksonville. Some customers told News4Jax they were charged ridiculously high rates the weekend of Georgia-Florida, leaving them very unhappy.

    Uber is an app you can download to a smart phone. You can then use it to request a ride. However, when there is a high demand for rides, especially on a busy weekend such as Halloween or Georgia-Florida, something called surge pricing can raise your bill.

    The convenience of using your phone to click, type and swipe your way to a ride is one of the things that makes Uber so popular. After Georgia-Florida weekend, Uber's Twitter pages were packed with complaints from people who used the service. Many of them said their rides were hundred's of dollars more than what they expected.

    Paul Wood said a 4-mile ride earned him a $400 charge......."


    >>>Customers: Uber overcharged during Georgia-Florida weekend

  17. sometimes ago when I was still driving for uberx, I tried to figure out how uber surge pricing really works, so I requested uberx as a customer to drive me from point A to point B and as a uberx driver I drove myself there, at rate 3X regular rate, the trip was not long and it usually cost me less than $5 .- With uber surge rate on that day, it shouldn't cost me more than $15 on CC, of which about $12 should go back to my checking account after uber processing fees ....right?
    What I found out then, that as a uber customer I was charged over $15 for that trip, but as uber driver I got paid only F$%#@^@# $3.20 !!!!!, THEN I REALIZED F$%#@^ Uber is bunch of GREEDY corporate MF's and liers, ripping people off anyway they can.
    .........and after they lowered rates from $1.50 a mile down to $1.20, I simply quit

    former uber driver in Tampa Bay

  18. How many uberx driver is there in Tampa Bay?
    Anton Uberx driver in Chicago

    1. There is about 300 active Uber drivers in Tampa Bay who work everyday, but there are about 8,000 to 10,000 of them who sign up for uber in the past, but they either gave up on driving or do one call a week just to stay in touch with the system.
      All the uberx drivers in tampa bay are pretty much pisst off with uber, but in most cases they don't want to tell this to customers, because they are afraid of bad ratings or make customer look "stupid" when they are saying "I love Uber"

  19. Uber continues to screw its “partners,” now by forcing Uber Black drivers to accept UberX fares

    In what’s becoming a recurring theme for Uber, the on-demand transportation company is facing yet another major backlash from drivers. Add that to the fights it’s encountering around the globe with taxi industries and regulators.

    Online driver forums like are blowing up this week with complaints that Uber is forcing drivers in New York that previously signed up for its premium Uber Black and Uber SUV services, to receive (and potentially accept) requests from riders on its economy UberX and UberXL tiers.

    The initiative began as an opt-in program, with Uber Black and SUV drivers given the option to designate their vehicles – typically luxury vehicles like Towncars, Mercedes, and Cadillacs – as being available to pick up riders set to expect little more than a Prius or Camry. Many drivers chose to participate in the program and, at least according to Uber, made more money per shift as a result. But now that choice is going away.

    read more at:

  20. Most uber drivers these days are part timers or people out of town who don't have a clue where they are going, they miss highway exits, drive you in loops, so in the end uber cost you more than taxis.

    ........ what does it say to us?

    cab drivers talking on phone, no AC in the cab, clueless uber drivers, uber cars operating w/o commercial insurance?

    .....It says the Quality of service is falling, because it's harder and harder for drivers to make money in private transportation business, yet uber claims, you can make $35-40 / hr or 100K a year.......creating even bigger oversupply of drivers, -next thing you know uber and cab drivers will be operating out of homeless shelters.

    read more at:

  21. Listen to this BS

    "Every day millions of Americans hop in their cars to get to work. But in light of the wages UberX drivers are making, the average American could probably make more money by staying in his or her car all day, and driving for the popular ride service.

    A major shift is underway on America’s roadways. For a long time, driving strangers from point A to point B paid terribly. Estimates of the typical cab driver’s salary hover around $30,000.

    According to Uber, the median wage for an UberX driver working at least 40 hours a week in New York City is $90,766 a year. In San Francisco, the median wage for an UberX driver working at least 40 hours a week is $74,191........"

    read more of Washington Post BS at:

    1. LOL, I am speechless, I simply can not apprehend how Washington Post can lie so bluntly to public? and how Uber keeps enticing people to commit criminal acts against local jurisdictions

  22. "Uber CEO must turn over emails in gratuity lawsuit, US judge rules

    Nov 26 (Reuters) - Uber Chief Executive Travis Kalanick must disclose some of his emails to plaintiff lawyers in a lawsuit accusing the car service of misleading customers about how it shares gratuities with drivers, a U.S. judge said on Wednesday.

    An Uber customer filed a proposed class action lawsuit against the company earlier this year, saying an advertised 20 percent gratuity is "false, misleading, and likely to deceive members of the public" because Uber keeps a substantial portion of the money........"

    read more at:

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  24. i don,t think so a driver can make a good money by working with uber only uber's business growing because its seems only driver is working and uber is earning that's my personal opinion Metro airport taxi

  25. "Don't let Uber get away with their abusive bullying. "

    Some more BS about uber, lyft and sidecar in eyes of lyft driver convincing ................?:)

  26. "Definition of Uber IdiotSeptember 8, 2014 at 3:42 PM

    Uber Idiot according to Urban Dictionary

    "One who is exceptionally stupid or ignorant, a moron on a grand scale. Formed from the German word über as in Nietzsche's concept of the übermensch in Also sprach Zarathustra. Used recently conjoined with other adjectives, as in über cool, übersexy, and über moron."

    uber idiot, can be uber new driver who thinks, that he is going to make money with uber

    uber idiot can be also uber customer, who thinks that by pressing button on his "stupid" phone, system automatically knows where he is at without checking his own actual address.

    uber idiot can be uber customer wondering why there is a whole bunch of uber cars on the map, but there is none willing to pick him up.

    uber moron is a uberx customer who thinks that he deserves uber black car service, but pays only %50 of taxi cab fare with tip included

    uber super idiots are uber customers, who think about themself, they are some kind of Vanity Fair super models

    uber super morons are uber customers, who send uberx to pick up their drunk ass stranded friends

    uber moron is a uberx driver, who thinks about himself, that he something better than a cab driver



    AnonymousJuly 25, 2014 at 2:27 PM
    here is another definition of uberidiot
    UBERIDIOT is a uber driver who is on standby at home for 3 hours, gets call 10 miles away, on which he will get paid $4.00 10 days later.........:)

    read more at:

  27. According to Consumer Reports the most economical car to buy is the Prius hybrid which has a five year cost per mile of 47¢. This is the bottom number crunching line
    orlando car service

    1. LOL, you have to keep in mind that cost of keeping Toyota Prius on the road is very HIGH....
      Why? because every f%$^&*$ thing which breaks down, you have to take to Toyota Dealer where prices times high are 3 X higher than at regular mechanics

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