Saturday, September 20, 2014

Taxi Driver on Uber and Lyft / Opinion

"The commission’s executives are continuing to negotiate with the ride-sharing businesses over ways to help them operate legitimately, and many of the key issues, including more thorough background checks, commercial insurance, vehicle inspections and whether the commission can impose pre-determined rates on rides, have been worked out."

Neither Uber nor Lyft want to communicate with PTC, why?
because 3-6 months from now, when they are going to be forced to accept conditions imposed on them by court, they also will be forced to raise the rates to compensate drivers for extra expenses like commercial insurance, city license, hack license, car inspections, etc.
............but,.......... by then , their market share in local personal transportation field will be substantially higher, build on $1.20 a mile rides they advertise now.
Needless to say, when they are going to rise rates, they also  will be blaming "bad" PTC for that, making uber look like "Robin Hood" company FORCED TO COMPLY WITH EVIL GOVERNMENT REGULATIONS.
............a cinderella, fighting "corrupted taxi cartels"........?   

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The simmering feud between the agency that regulates cab and limousine services in Hillsborough County and a handful of upstart ride-sharing companies escalated Thursday when a Lyft driver refused to take a plea on a misdemeanor of driving a taxi without a license and demanded a jury trial.
Farhad Kazemi, 42, rejected a misdemeanor intervention program that could have resulted in a dismissal of the charges and said he wanted his case heard by a jury. Hillsborough County Judge Lawrence Lefler set a trial date of Oct. 20.
Another Lyft driver, Darrell Rogers, was scheduled to appear in court Thursday on similar charges but failed to appear. Lefler issued a warrant for his arrest.
The two are the first of nearly two dozen cases made by local transportation inspectors over the past two weeks that now are wending their way through county court. The court cases began after the Public Transportation Commission, which has been locked in a dispute with Uber and Lyft over what level of regulation the ride-sharing services should be subject to, set up an operation to cite the drivers.
“I guess it was a sting,” Public Transportation Commission Executive Director Kyle Cockream said of the operation that netted Kazemi and other ride-sharing drivers. “That’s the closest thing to describe it.”............"


  1. I don't think taxi companies should count on PTC or local law enforcement to protect their interests that much and they should be more proactive.
    hire own taxi drivers to head hunt uber and Lyft drivers in exchange for half a lease per head? or some other monetary reward.........
    this is small investment, if you consider the idea, that 10 years from now, there might no taxis, but Uber-Walmart and Lyft-Facebook cartels

    1. here is another idea,- hire your own PR writers to cover real stories about UBER, Lyft on how much drivers really make, what kind of challenges they face , providing transportation to drunks, cleaning vomits, how they feel about $1.20 a mile rate and %20 cut by uber, or how many miles they have to put on their cars, just to make $100?
      make every article as a press release, so public has the idea, what kind of twisted HYPE and BS stands behind Uber and Lyft ,

    2. I wouldn't mind to get paid $40 for catching uber driver operating illegally and turning him in to cops

      miami taxi driver

    3. "Neither Uber nor Lyft want to communicate with PTC, why?
      because 3-6 months from now, when they are going to be forced to accept conditions imposed on them by court, they also be forced to raise the rates to compensate drivers for extra expenses like commercial insurance, city license, hack license, car inspections, etc....."

      In mean time, Uber and Lyft drivers are operating for peanuts, using their own cars and are unaware that they are subject to criminal charges of misdemeanor because of violation of local laws.
      .............. and Uber and Lyft don't want them to know about it !!!!

    4. Peanuts is right. I worked for Uber for a couple of months, and it was perfect for me. Worked a few mornings per week, catching a few early morning airport runs. Then things started getting stupid.

      Uber was telling customers that the tip was included. It's not.

      Then, they started using a generic phone number for both the driver and client to contact each other. It didn't work. I told them about it, and they just gave me some corporate double-speak bullshit about how it's supposed to work. I told them that it doesn't work, and they ignored it.

      Then they cut the rates down to shit. I had a good idea what the fares should be, from driving a regular taxi. Uber isn't paying drivers anywhere close, even considering no split or lease. I quit the morning the rate reduction (the second this summer) went into effect.

      You gotta have rocks in your head, or be very desperate to work for them.

      And, not to mention their arbitrary driver rating system. You can provide top notch, courteous, ass-kissing level service, and still get a lousy rating from a passenger having an otherwise bad day.

    5. AnonymousSeptember 2, 2014 at 11:53 AM
      I just gave up on using UBER, because every time I try to use it, the app prompted me to share it on my facebook and google +
      is this legal?


      AnonymousSeptember 2, 2014 at 12:22 PM
      Yeah, I know the feeling, its like going to supermarket where cashier tells you, you can not buy bread, unless you reveal all your friends.......:)
      these MF's at uber are crazy, I wish government would do something about it

      uber driver in orlando

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  2. bounty on every uber and lyft driver with proper press releases and google advertising?, it sounds crazy, but it would catch headlines allover the world and make uber drivers think twice before taking calls in Florida...................

  3. Washington Post on Uber's payroll?

    "Bad Europeans, don't want to take ideas of "freedom" from Americans errrrr UBER"

    read more at:

    1. "Washington Post on Uber's payroll?

      "Bad Europeans, don't want to take ideas of "freedom" from Americans errrrr UBER"

      read more at:"

      Why Are you surprised? Bezos is a owner of Washington Post and he also has investment in Uber, though, I don't think, he is a fan of sociopath Kalanick and how he runs uber

  4. I just quit Uber and I feel really free,
    no more BS calls for $4 tip included
    fuck uber
    a biggest BS company in the world
    where is my fucking $30 / hr you promised me MFaa's

    Anonymous uber driver from Orlando

  5. How much money can you make being an Uber driver?

    "hey !!! uber doesn't care if you make money as a driver, they are getting new suckers every day with those BS ads on craigslist and bogus press release stories "Uber drivers make 100,000 a year"
    Logic Question:
    How can you possibly make 50K, 100K a year or $25 -$35 / hr, if you are getting paid $1.20 / mile? !!!!
    according to those numbers, you would have to drive

    42K -83K passenger miles a year or about 25 passenger miles / hr
    what about those empty runs? without fare in your car which accounts for about %50 of all miles you have to drive, like getting to a call or getting back to your area of operation..?
    ......So, to make 50K-100K a year with Uber.........or $25- $35 / hr
    You would have to drive between 84K- 166K miles a year or 50 miles / hr, which is physically impossible, not to mention, that with this kind of usage, your car would develop pretty quickly all kinds mechanical and electronic problems,............

    uber driver in Tampa Bay"

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  6. IMO, after all the dust settles down from Uber and Lyft BS, we might up with tougher regulations and strong drive toward taxi driver/ Uber/ Lyft unions...............

    1. If Uber and Lyft drivers will be forced to comply with local regulations and UBER / LYFT mumbo jambo insurance wont be necessary, then any other taxi / Limo app company can walk into Florida private transportation market and offer drivers much better deals,- a higher rates and lower cuts,
      eg. $2.10 a mile and %5 processing fee/cut, just to stay competitive with taxi companies/ IMO
      That would put A LOT OF PRESSURE
      on Uber and Lyft to treat their drivers better
      Forcing UBER and LYFT to comply with PTC regulations is GOOD for UBER and LYFT drivers,

    2. so, don't wear stupid pink shirt and go to PTC meeting in defense of your slave master, because judge who is wearing pink eyebrows is on your slave masters payroll
      It's like hitting your head on a brick wall 1000 times in hope, that the brick wall is about to collapse and give you moral satisfaction, which is non existent

  7. If I was an owner of cab company in Tampa Bay, I would sue the city for discrimination and not enforcing local transportation laws
    $500 million lawsuit would open their eyes very quickly

    1. good idea, instead pleading with them, put them against the wall and let them sweat in front of cameras and judge

    2. Any federal court will side with Uber against the city of Orlando just like they did 15 years ago when the city of Orlando and Mears tried to force out other cab companies.

    3. I don't think, you know what you are talking about,- in this case Uber is culprit for constantly enticing drivers to break local laws, lying to public, illegal competition, you name it

      read some more at:

      "Uber,- Insurance and Integrity Problems

      Uber is up to it's old tricks again, advertising 'facts' that are not even close to being 100% factual. In this case Uber claims that they perform background checks that exceed the checks performed by conventional taxi companies, and they also claim to have 1 million dollar per incident liability insurance. A recent NBC investigative report from a San Francisco TV station exposes the fallacy of these claims.

      It turns out that when you ride in an Uber car, you are typically not covered at all, neither by the drivers personal insurance nor by any insurance whatsoever from Uber. If you incur any injury while riding, or crashing, in an Uber car, you or your family will be stuck paying the entire medical bill yourself. This type of expense, potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars, could of course bankrupt even a well to do person..... "

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