Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Uber and its Drivers

fuck the uber, terrorists


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    1. yeap, Uber promotes slave labor right here on US soil and nobody is doing anything about it

    2. funny thing is that Uber and Lyft drivers are so brainwashed and entangled in Uber and Lyft HYPE, they don't even know, they are being screwed over by their own companies for $$$

      Taxi, Uber, and Lyft driver in Tampa Bay since 1998

  2. Discrimination by Uber

    "SAN FRANCISCO (CN) - Uber drivers refuse service to and harass blind customers and their guide dogs - in one case even forcing a dog into a car trunk before giving a woman a ride, the National Federation of the Blind claims in court.
    On at least 30 occasions, Uber drivers agreed to transport customers, but then refused after learning they were blind and had guide animals, according to the Tuesday lawsuit in Federal Court, which refers to Uber and the UberX taxi service.
    The National Federation of the Blind of California and Michael Hingson, a blind man, sued Uber Technologies. They are the only parties to the complaint.
    Some customers who were denied service were charged with cancellation fees, the federation says.
    "These blind riders are also often placed in the uncomfortable position of explaining to uninformed UberX drivers that service animals are protected by law and that blind people have the right to bring service animals into vehicles ............"

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  3. Why all the posts on this blog are so negative about Lyft and Uber?

    1. errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr? because this blog is run by independent Lyft and Uber drivers? and not by Lyft and UBER spin doctors? who tells you, its OK to work for less than $1.50 a mile, tip included ? because you still going to make $100K a year????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. fuck the uber, terrorists