Friday, November 28, 2014

Uber,- Insurance and Integrity Problems

Uber is up to it's old tricks again, advertising 'facts' that are not even close to being 100% factual. In this case Uber claims that they perform background checks that exceed the checks performed by conventional taxi companies, and they also  claim to have 1 million dollar per incident liability insurance. A recent NBC investigative report from a San Francisco TV station exposes the fallacy of these claims.

  It turns out that when you ride in an Uber car, you are typically not covered at all, neither by the drivers personal insurance nor by any insurance whatsoever from Uber. If you incur any injury while riding, or crashing, in an Uber car, you or your family will be stuck paying the entire medical bill yourself. This type of expense, potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars, could of course bankrupt even a well to do person. 

The insurance that private drivers carry does not cover the car, or the driver, if the car is being used professionally to provide transportation for hire. This kind of coverage requires commercial insurance, the type required by law in conventional taxi's and limo services. This commercial insurance is
significantly more costly than standard personal coverage, and to purchase this kind of insurance would render the driving of an Uber car economically unfeasible.

As for Ubers claim regarding extremely thorough criminal background checks, it seems that Uber is not being totally honest with their claims in this area either. They are clearly not more exhaustive than those required for legitimate taxi companies, and there is some question as to whether Uber performs any criminal background checks at all. NBC reports that they found drivers with criminal histories not only in San Francisco, but also in LA and Chicago. These drivers, some of whom were still on probation, had past convictions that include burglary, assault, and drug trafficking charges.  NBC even went as far as to have undercover felons apply for employment, and Uber hired them without question.

 Given these facts, I would not want my wife, child, or other loved ones to ride in an uninsured car
with a convicted felon which may very well be the case with an Uber ride. I'll stick with the traditional taxi companies who are required, by law,  to have proper insurance and also required by law to conduct a thorough background check performed by an accredited agency.


  1. what should I do in case of accident while driving for Uber?

    1. You trying to say that you are driving for Uber and they didn't tell you what to do in case of accident ????!!
      or what kind of coverage you and your passenger have? ?!!! LOL

    2. Uber tells public only what public wants to hear

      does Uber has insurance?
      Uber: yeah!!!, we have better insurance than taxis !!!!

      can I make money with uber?
      Uber: yeah!!!! you can make $35-40 per hour or $90,000 a year !!!!!

      is driving for uber legal?
      Uber: don't worry, we pay all the tickets and fines !!!!

      If company lies to their employees / partners...:) and customers about such a fundamental things, which have potential to ruin someones life
      How company like this can be trusted with anything?

      ex-uberx driver in Miami

    3. I take uber on occasion and I am stupefy by ignorance of the uber drivers, they don't even know that every time they pick up someone, they are committing insurance fraud by simple fact that they have never disclosed to their insurance company true purpose of what they will be using car for.
      To clarify what "insurance fraud means" in legal terms
      You can drive drunk like a skunk, kill someone and insurance will cover it and you end up in jail, but if you completely sober and you kill someone, but your insurance company can prove that you were committing insurance fraud by withholding information from them (driving for uber), YOU ARE THE TOAST, NO BUTS, NO EXCUSES, YOU ARE GOING TO JAIL, YOU WILL LOSE YOUR WHATEVER YOU HAVE, PAY FOREVER AND YOU CAN FORGET ABOUT GETTING CAR INSURANCE AGAIN EVER.
      Don't believe me, call your insurance company and ask them about it.

  2. I have been riding Uber for last 4 years, and now , you trying to tell me, that UBER insurance was/IS NO GOOD/

  3. Here is the idea how to deal with uber robber baron
    Charge them with criminal conduct and subpoena all the driver's records, then create data base accessible to insurance companies to find for themself, which drivers are defrauding them and using their cars commercially driving for Uber or Lyft

    1. I don't think insurance companies want to get involved in witch hunt of Uber and Lyft drivers, they will simply deny them coverage when something happens for lying on insurance form.
      .........and for any future car insurance, they will asked to pay penalties, like drivers with DUI or really bad driving record

      this could be classic example, how UBER is screwing their drivers by lying to them

    2. ahhh!!! Kalanick is lying not only to drivers, he lies to whole world about everything.
      this guy acts and behaves like a sociopath without regard for other human beings, their well being and livelihood .

  4. "UBER’s Daisy-Chain Limo Insurance Scam
    1) LCT Limo Convention Las Vegas: Ended yesterday. Total attendance over 3,400, the largest since 2005. A really great show, Sara and her team at LCT
    and the NLA Show Committee are to be commended for a very well-planned and executed event.
    2) As always, information gathered at the parties and dinners from other operators as helpful as the formal seminars. The hallways were a hotbed
    of anti-UBER sentiment and gossip.
    a) The insufferable arrogance of UBER CEO Travis Kalanick and his “So sue me” attitude has resulted in a cornucopia of lawsuits and complaints from one side of the country to the other. He also ripped off the wrong people in NYC with his 10x price gouging during the ......."

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  5. Caitlin Johnston Tampa Bay Times Staff Writer
    she is a dumb bitch and paid by uber spin doctor without any knowledge

    1. watch these videos, how uber insurance works and what this insurance covers

  6. Well uber was now in a situation of facing insurance problems because they are not responsible when we incur any injury while riding on uber's taxi so we have to protest against uber and we want to make steps in order to get the insurance from uber.

  7. Where can I buy uber / lyft / rideshare insurance in Tampa Bay and how much it costs?