Thursday, January 22, 2015

Text a Taxi St Petersburg FL at Discount Taxi

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To Text 4 Taxi you can also use phone number 727-490-9164

St Petersburg Discount Taxi Company Hits Hi Tech Home Run

– A breakthrough development in the taxi cab business is taking the St. Petersburg Florida area by storm! An innovative, forward thinking entrepreneur down there has come up with a unique combination of traditional taxi service and high tech dispatching; it is called Text4Taxi and its advantages are many:

·       With this new service, there are none of the pitfalls of traditional over-the-phone dispatching.

·       There are never any annoying, time wasting busy signals.

·        There is never any need to worry about miscommunication or misunderstood directions due to spotty cell phone reception and garbled voice messages.

·        No crabby, impolite dispatchers answering the phone sounding grouchy and tired and talking to you as if they were angry with you, or sounding like they are doing you a favor by sending you a cab.

·       When special, detailed instructions for pickup, or complicated, hard to follow directions are part of the scenario, Text4Taxi really shines. There is no comparing the exact, precise details that can be obtained via text communication and the haphazard, hit-or-miss nature of verbal order taking.

·       Text4Taxi also provides the perfect method for positive verification and communication directly between the driver and the customer…"I am on my way, I should be there within 5 minutes" or "I am in front of the club in white Toyota Prius". Neither traditional phone dispatching, nor even the newly arrived taxi dispatching applications developed for smart phone users can achieve this level of accuracy and post contact verifiability.

·       Another tremendous advantage of texting vs. verbal contact is the ability can request a cab in noisy locations like concerts, sporting events or busy nightclubs without fear of your message being unintelligible or misunderstood. Additionally, Text4Taxi is also great when you need to be low key and unobtrusive such as when attending church, the symphony, at weddings and funerals. No need to whisper furtively into the phone while hoping no one hears you or notices you, and no more interrupting the proceedings and rudely exiting the room to call a cab. Text4Taxi eliminates the need for all of that.

·       Since texting provides a built in written record of all the details of the communication between driver and customer, there is never a problem for either party relying on faulty human memory to store vital information about who, when and where the taxi is going to show up.

Text4Taxi is also superior in many respects to its high tech counterpart taxi dispatching apps in that it provides a level of detail and ability for future ride booking that many apps are incapable of providing. Text4Taxi also allows the customer to pose detailed inquiries such as “how much would cost to get from downtown St Pete to south Tampa?”

Yes, there can be no argument that this clever taxi company’s ownership has hit a home run with their Text 4 Taxi concept. It is a winning combination of technology and outstanding customer service. Cab companies around the world are sure to follow suit and adopt this innovative new dispatching process.


  1. I think text 4 taxi is a great idea,- you can submit time calls to taxi company or taxi driver, which you can not do with ride sharing companies, you don't have to surrender all your private information stored on your smart phone to ride sharing company after installing their app, you are getting ride from licensed and fully insured cab driver who has to meet certain criteria of experience and background checks.

  2. are there any options for text 4 taxi apps in Tampa Bay, florida? thx

    1. you can try text 4 taxi at

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