Thursday, December 1, 2016

Rideshare drivers illegal activities Uber/Lyft

Here is another illegal strategy uber and lyft drivers learned quite quickly to maximize their profits and to stay on top of the taxi/uber game......large number of rideshare users are regular customers who catch a ride every day to work, from work, twice a week to doctor's appointments, once a week to airport, etc. Here, how it works, Customer instead requesting uber or lyft driver trough the platform, they call drivers directly on their cell phone for premium service, a driver who they already know..... With rates so ridiculously low, customer don't even mind to pay the driver directly + tip, this point they even feel about them self as being socially correct by bypassing uber /lyft platform and supporting "a little guy" ...Though, the little they know, every time they get involved in this kind of activity, they basically travel completely uninsured.... ....
Here is the question, who we should blame for customers making dangerous decisions? a uber driver who is pretty ignorant to local rules and regulations (he wasn't informed by uber or city about possible dangers),? a passenger, who tries to save money on transportation and happily subscribes to uber's bogus press releases or may be uber for trying to make a buck for their shareholders ? ....
IMO, NON of the above, GUILTY OF THIS MESS ARE POLITICIANS WHO ALLOWED UBER TO OPERATE AGAINST ALL THE RULES, REGULATIONS, LAWS AND COMMON SENSE......................SO, IF YOU GET HURT IN UBER CAR OR GET HURT BY IT, don't go after uber which is entrenched in legal system and employs top lawyers, GO LEGALLY AFTER CITIES and STATES who's representatives allowed that to happen.....I guess in legal proceedings against public entities like city, you can throw in antitrust laws, civil laws, discrimination laws, lost wages, etc
If you think, it's impossible, I am pleased to inform you that it had happened before eg. in City of Ottawa.....


  1. don't come to this fight with a banana LOL

  2. If you look at uber/lyft operation closely, you realize that there is so many loop holes in it, that if passenger was aware of that, he/she wouldn't get in the car even if it was for free.