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Craziest NYC Taxi Stories
Craziest NYC Taxi Stories is a blog written by an anonymous real American New York City-based taxi driver about real events that occur each night that he drives. Read stories about sex, new york city, celebrities, taxis, and all the unusual characters and events that I see as I drive.

NYC Taxi Blog
Where are the fares? This photo shows how desperate drivers can get on slower day, at La Guardia airport this driver was standing on car's ...

Meter is Running
Random thoughts and inspiration from a Tampa Florida taxi driver on the back half of life

Atlanta Taxi Business Blog
What is going on in the taxi industry in Atlanta? Blog designed to inform and educate the metro Atlanta area riders and drivers

Real Seattle Taxi
Stories, personal experiences from fellow Cab Driver in Seattle Washington.

Athan Rebelos' Taxi Industry Blog
Athan Rebelos' Taxi Industry Blog Issues relevant to San Francisco's taxi industry.


View from the Mirror
The experiences of a London Taxi Driver

Dublin taxi
Surviving Dublin a city with more taxis than New York. Dublin is a passengers paradise and a taxi drivers hell

Taxi Companies in USA Complaints
Taxi Companies in USA, Reviews, Customer Feedbacks, Comments, Opinions, Recommendations, Complaints,

Las Vegas cabbie chronicles
If you ever want to know why your cabbie is crazy, just look in the mirror.

Cirly Cabbie
Come on the adventure of one of of the few NYC taxi driversfew NYC female taxi drivers. I started this blog at the very beginning of my yellow cab driving career....


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  4. I have a big respect with the taxi drivers who are very friendly with their passenger. It's in his hands to transport this people safe back home. My families relies on riding a taxi almost everyday. Nice list for bloggers that you featured here.

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